2 thoughts on “New York Sheriffs”

  1. At the same time that the Democratics want to “defund the police” they want to enforce gunlaws and restrictions like this? How do they do that? By licensing. Concentrate on bullying people who need gov’t paperwork to keep their business running. Who needs armies of thugs throwing people into jails when you can have an inspector post a shutdown notice? Then you send the squads of thugs you keep around over to shut them down if they don’t voluntarily comply. It’s why so many regulatory agencies want their very own SWAT teams. The Internet monopolies have figured this out, too.

    Before they became the party of Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll, the Libertarians considered reversing this to be a high priority in the defense of liberty.

  2. lol .. man .. the tyranny .. don’t infect your family and friends..

    wearing a piece of cloth .. man . you want to talk about snowflakes.. lol

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