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  1. All these city slickers (a town of 6,000 people!!) ought to move out here to Sassafrass Fork Township, NC, where we got century link to run DSL 20 miles out from Oxford (population 10,000) by getting 700 people to agree to get service along the phone line right of way to my house, 12 miles out Cornwall Road from Kinton Fork, a crosroads with a gas station a few miles from the northern edge of town. Before that I had HughesNet. There no cable TV here and never will be, so Netflix DVDs is it.

    1. Hollywood could have a new sitcom television show called Mayberry DSL, where a widower farmer and his son living near a small town in North Carolina have adventures based on their new Internet service?

  2. One of the things people don’t notice when watching Andy Griffith is, the Mayberry of 1960 has everything everyone else in America did in 1960. They have modern cars, paved roads, color TVs (meaning they had analog TV reception), grocery stores and a pharmacy. The show wasn’t about some nostalgic past (like The Waltons, frex), it was set in the broadcast’s contemporary world. Mayberry RFD is set a decade later, and has more of the moralizing that was on 1970 TV. (Mayberry started as an episode of the Danny Thomas Show, with Griffith as a grinning country sherrif extracting money from speeders. It eventually dawned on Griffith he was the straightman, and the show got better.)

    Nowadays, a real Mayberry won’t have analog TV anymore, and no Internet unless it’s next to a main road. Before our petition, Sassafras Fork had DSL along US15. Oxford is next to I-85, and you can get T1.

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