6 thoughts on “The Real Fascist Threat”

  1. The title says “Corporate Power”, the story is from the Daily Beast and is essentially bashing South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem because her grandmother died in a nursing home that C19 went through. It’s as if the title was targeted at conservatives to hit them with the information on a possible future GOP star.

  2. “To be sure, the values American corporations appear to be advancing now are very different than those in Italy nearly a century ago.”

    Perhaps but they are nearly identical to their German and Russian friends. I suspect a closer examination would yield a lot of similarities to the ruling Italians of the time too but we don’t want to look to close because we will find no relation to Trump. This is surely distressing to the author.

    Kudos to the author for determining what actual fascism is 12 years into it and too late to do something about it and no, Biden isn’t going to save the Democrat party from their base.

  3. Fascism was always heavily invested in the idea of the government elite being in bed with the industrial elite, the latter doing as the former told them to do and in return being allowed to keep ownership of their companies. Hitler didn’t nationalize companies he needed something from he just forced the then owners to do things his way, or else. China appears to me to be operating this way today, looking much more like a fascist government than a communist one IMO.

  4. You do know that Gwynne Shotwell is woker than woke and has been known to crack jokes about sending Trump on a one way rocket to Mars.

  5. an alliance between political leaders and a handful of ultra-rich, ultra-powerful companies that increasingly dominate the economy and culture.

    Once again, the prefix “ultra” gets ridiculously abused. If one reads the link above, it’s just a story about large companies that figured out how to deal with covid. So your company is “ultra-rich” and “ultra-powerful”, if they figured out how to deal with covid and stay in business.

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