The “Relief” Bill

Why yes, our government is totally broken. Why do you ask?

We need a constitutional amendment to fix this sort of thing, but while you could probably get enough states on board, you’d never get two thirds of Congress to do it. It was a rare moment of agreement between AOC and Ted Cruz. I hope that Trump vetoes this abomination, and tells them to try again.

[Update Wednesday morning]

The “stimulus” bill stimulates Congress’s lust for power.

[Update a while later]

This bill is another demonstration that Congress is unfit to govern.

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  1. May I respectfully suggest that those who are interested in amending the constitution to cut down on these shenanigans read “The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic” by Mark Levin. Barring a sudden transformation of the American public’s attitude to those more common during Alexis de Tocqueville’s visit, I don’t see any other way than what is laid out there (other than total collapse) to reign in our federal government’s excesses.

  2. Lookin’ like Orange Hitler is gonna veto it. Which seems like the proper thing to do. Punt this sucker and make the next Congress deal with it, and make the One Horse Pony take the responsibility for signing it.

    1. I’m hearing Cocaine Mitch may be trying to put together a veto-proof majority to override a veto. Regardless, I hope Trump DOES veto it.

        1. Those stupid idiots didn’t take a stand on the pork bill but then blocked giving $2k to the citizens. WTF is wrong with these people.

  3. I never thought I’d say it these words, but Ocazzio Cortez, of all people, is right on this one.

    It’s an utter abomination that ANY bill is submitted for a vote without time for legislators to do their jobs and read it. And if they were actually doing their jobs, they would vote “no” on any such bill.

  4. Can we get a law that says all bills must be read aloud on the floor before a vote is taken. And anyone who skips out on the reading will not be allowed to vote.

    1. That bill would likely suffer the same fate as the proposals that bills should be restricted to a single sheet of paper, namely oblivion. I agree that it would be a good idea. I see no way that they would go for it.

  5. I was listening to Chris Plante on WMAL regarding this bill, and he was talking about the $10 million for “gender programs” (whatever the hell those are) in Pakistan. The media, he pointed out, dismiss that as “merely” $10 million. Plante asked the reasonable question of how long the average taxpayer would have to pay into the federal till to add up to $10 million. So I looked up my last full-year W-2. The total of federal income tax, Social Security, and Medicare taxes was $41,640.25. I owed a little bit of tax that year, so this is a minimum. It’s also way above the median taxpayer contribution. The median household income in that year was $63,179, so the median federal tax contribution is way less than mine. Yet it would take me 240 years and 56 days to pay $10 million into the system. My sons and any grandchildren I have will likely not be able to contribute as much as I did for several years. Basically, me and my progeny have had all of our taxes blown by an order of magnitude or more just on “gender programs” for Pakistan. What a horror show.

    1. Well someone has to think about those poor genderless Pakistanis! I anticipate that the result of a leftwing SJW “gender program” over there will be lots intense anti-Americanism. Just last week Bashar al Assad gave a good speech denouncing the absolute idiocy of the Western left, and how they hate any kind of morality and tradition. And by the region’s standards, he’s a secular pluralistic moderate.

    2. It’s not for a gender program in Pakistan.

      The daughter of some Democrat congressman has a degree in Islamic studies and feminist gender studies. She will set up a NGO that will be placed on the “approved” list.

      A family member of a prominent Pakistani general or politician will then be tasked to create a committee to study gender issues in Pakistan. They will receive the money, keep half, and use the other half to hire the above NGO. In turn, the NGO will use the cash for 200K+ salaries and luxurious offices in DC and Karachi.

      A small portion of the budget will be reserved as prizes to be given out to “prominent feminist females” in Pakistan — that all happen to be the wives or daughters of politicians or army officers.

  6. One thing I’ve always considered as a quick fix to this kind of train wreck would be to exploit the mechanism by which legislation is passed in a manner exactly the same as was used to steal the presidential election. A piece of legislation that has gone through committee and is sent to the floor for a vote is simply deposited in a drop box, in hard copy form. It would be a trivial matter for the person performing the drop to substitute pages containing lines such as: “Voters registered as Republicans upon the date of passage of this legislation will be exempt from all new taxes levied.” Or something to that effect. Given that we are directed to ignore even more blatant fraud in the past election, how could anyone object?

  7. “Congress is unfit to govern.“

    Then why do you flippin’ Democrats and Republicans keep electing the same freakin’ idiots over and over again?

    At this point I’m starting to wonder if it might be a good idea to have the National Guard supervise the elections. As a libertarian the thought is horrifying (which is why it’s National Guard and not DoD, even though I trust the Constitutional Oath of the servicemen over the reserves), but fer crying out loud you Demicans and Republocrats have so completely and thoroughly screwed the pooch that I have to wonder how we’re going to recover from where we’ve been led.

    I want the League of Women Voters back in charge of the debates, with every candidate on the ballot in all 50 states to be there to make their case. Voting is a responsibility, not a convenience, so I want voting to occur only on the designated voting day. If you want to vote you’ll be there, with your signed voter registration card and a photo ID. None of this mail-in crap. And you know what, do the purple finger too.

    For the first time for reals I did not vote for a single Republican or Democrat candidate anywhere on the ballot. I voted Libertarian where I could, and any other third party where I couldn’t. I’d vote a Wiccan for County Treasurer before I’d vote for a Republican or Democrat candidate. Both parties are equally culpable for the current state of affairs and I am done with them.


      1. And just how many Libertarians are there in Congress?

        Are you saying that it is Justin Amash that is the problem? That his support of liberty and freedom is support of tyranny? That Jo Jorgensen is in bed with dictators and tyrants the world over?

        What a comment stunningly lacking either substance or value.

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