The totalitarian state.

If it seceded, we’d be out of here ASAP, because the Constitution is the only thing holding these fascists back.

[Wednesday-morning update]

Is California at peak progressive? I hope so.


[Thursday-morning update]

The slow, painful death of California.

[Late-morning update]

Mike Solana: Extract, or die.

When I first saw the title, I thought it would be about the need of the state to utilize its energy resources. But nope. It’s an excoriation of San Francisco’s government.

[Christmas-morning update]

Rural CA to Newsom: “Kiss our ass.”

All I want for Christmas is a citizens’ revolt against tyranny. As Mike Rowe says, safety third.

[Update a few minutes later]

In the state just to the north, patriots are starting to water the tree of liberty.

26 thoughts on “California”

  1. We have Obama out there saying companies need to deny services to Republicans and that the government needs to go after them too. Leaving California isn’t a solution. Democrats have nationwide power, even in red states.

      1. I’ve been thinking about this and in some ways it night be true but a lot of the Democrat’s power lies with multi-state companies and control through HR of anything larger than a couple dozen people.

        They are working to see that Christians are designated a hate group and bar them not just from civilian government jobs but also from the military. This dual pronged approach doesn’t just set Christians up for persecution but also weakens the military, a win win for the people who want our country weakened and disillusioned enough from the inside that people on all sides will want to create a new form of government.

        What follows, isn’t likely to be anything what the “left” or “right” conceives of. Both will be open to authoritarian take over. Not rule of law authoritarian but medieval authoritarian.

  2. Unfortunately, Rand…if they secede, there is no guarantee that they will allow the serfs to leave. You will owe them, after all: You didn’t build/create whatever.

    Get out now. Emigrate to the United States while you can. While your real property still has value. Before you get caught up in a sweep by the thought police and sent off for re-education.

    1. Exactly. You must pay your Californian ex-patriation taxes. With a healthy heaping dose of reparation fees and penalties on top. Failure to do so will deny you an exit visa, doing so after selling your house and all other assets *may* net you out at zero. Thanks for living here dude.

          1. The Constitution doesn’t seem to mean as much as it once did….

            And rationality is not something found in the California legislature.

          2. 1. Tax people.
            2. Dare them to fight it in court.
            3. Spend the nigh-endless resources of the state stonewalling anyone who tries to fight it in court.

    1. Funny you should mention that. Just got through with the first book, now working on #4, as 2 & 3 didn’t interest me. Schlichter is very heavy handed and his habit of presenting currently-living people in the worst-possible way in his near-future stories seems rather unprofessional. Still, some of the story seems oddly prophetic.

      Don’t lose heart, folks. Remember that the left is horribly incompetent, in an F-Troop sort of way – often the safest place to stand is where they are aiming.

  3. Not that things are any better in The People’s Socialist Monarchy of Queensland (formerly a State of Australia, which now seems to be a Continent and no longer a Nation).
    State governments have shut their borders for months to prevent the spread of the Chinese Communist virus despite the Australian Constitution having provisions for that to be illegal. Our High Court (equivalent of the US Supremes) has found that there is no implicit right to freedom of movement for Australians so if a State wants to prevent citizens (actually Subjects) from leaving there is nothing to prevent that. We’d leave but where can you go? The People’s Communist Monarchy of New Zealand?

    1. You could try the Glorious People’s Democratic Dominion of Canada.

      Slogan: We’re not as bad as Australia; sorry about that.

      1. Sometimes you have to fight crazy with crazy, John. The Democrats want nothing short of the dissolution of the United States – they won’t listen to rationale. I am very sorry about your sister.

      2. I know a lot of Democrats and a fair number of them are mostly normal, which makes me wonder how they can support what their party is becoming. The only reasons I can think if is that they don’t know and that their identity means they can never side with people who they view as responsible for all the evils of humanity past and present.

        I wonder if any of my Democrat friends and family will stand up for me against what their party wants to do to me. So far, they all seem rather gleeful. It is great that they tell me I’m loved but it doesn’t mean much if they also think it is my turn to suffer or that I deserve to live under Jim Crow laws.

  4. Both Sweden and Britain – and a host of others – went through a “socialist” phase and then backed off when the ireconomies went to hell. As long as we remain a democratic country we can recover…… wait.

    1. Unfortunately less than 20 days left as a democracy, Fenster. Since the Democrats got away with the most flagrant voter fraud election stealing in the history of the country. Pete Buttigieg has already offered Greta Thunberg a senior staff position – the days of prohibited air travel and $20 gasoline are upon us.

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