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  1. The essay repeats, in error, that it was Trump supporters who perpetrated the violence in the Captiol. All of my data suggests it was a false flag operation by radical left operatives. Has anybody seen evidence confirming either way?

    1. You could post some links. I haven’t seen any videos of leftists engaged in violence.

      I did see a video that runs contrary to the media narrative that Trump supporters broke into the capitol. There is video that shows security opening the doors and letting people in. I have seen videos of people breaking windows and also people engaged in a pushing contest with a line of security. I didn’t see video of the security guy getting hit in the head but I did see the video of the woman being executed while surrounded by cops.

  2. What happens when you can’t afford to lose?
    Robert A. Pape’s Bombing To Win: Air Power and Coercion In War(1996) tried to analyze why some regimes can only be destroyed — they will not yield to coercion. One significant marker is the ruling regime’s political faction needs to feel that they have a reasonable chance to return to power in a decade or so.

    The Leftists don’t want Democracy — they want a 1,000 Year Reich.

  3. –Republican senators and lawyers are at blame for giving credence to claims about election fraud (though officials charged with the responsibility have not bothered to investigate, let alone prosecute, the many instances of credibly alleged fraud).–

    When let murderers out of jail, when you don’t prosecute murderers, and when let murderer into your country.
    You aren’t going prosecute for election fraud.

    1. It is probably the videos of kicking out observers and taping over windows that has more to do with people thinking there was election fraud rather than anything “Trump” lawyers said, especially since those people were banned and nothing they said was covered by media, except to denigrate it.

      1. I’ve heard that quite a bit, Wodun – and it’s true of me as well. The manyfold actions like that, including the massive battles against audits, plus the outright lies claiming the machines were not hooked up the internet, is what convinced me.

        1. I don’t know if there was enough fraud to swing the election but election fraud was widespread and diverse in its forms, just like Biden bragged about. Once spoiled ballots are in the system, there is no way to root them out. The proof of fraud is that the system was abused.

  4. I’d have more trust in the phrase peaceful transition of power if it wasn’t only used as a defense by people who cheated and used violence as a regular tactic of politics. In 2016 and 2020, Democrats cheated and used violence and one instance of violence post election from Trump supporters doesn’t let Democrats off the hook.

    Democrats are even going back in time to justify attacking people today. They don’t recognize the peace that came after the Civil War and think that people today need be punished for the sins of their ancestors and that people who made up the Union must now be scapegoated as the Confederacy.

    “Our political and corporate establishment refuse to accept the American form of democracy”

    It is textbook fascism, a totalitarian Marxist ideology that pairs party control of corporations with government power to persecute their enemies. China is their model. Want to use a bank, fly on a plane, go to school, work for the government, or run a business? You have to have the right score on their social credit rating.

    For peaceful transition of power to work, when the system is cheated, you don’t tell people to bend over and take it but instead institute reforms to make sure the cheating doesn’t happen in the future. Anyone who doesn’t support reforms, or even goes the other way and reduces election integrity, doesn’t believe in peaceful transition of power.

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