9 thoughts on “Two Thirds Of The Way”

  1. Prediction: it will be ignored if it does get a million signatures. If it does actually go to a referendum, it will be Dominioned into losing.

    1. It can’t be ignored; the only way to keep it off the ballot is to find ways to invalidate enough signatures to keep it from qualifying.

      Smart organizers therefore collect as much past the required threshold as feasible. It doesn’t always suffice.

    1. Didn’t you get the DNC tweets? It’s okay to vote out of state. At least in Georgia. Well, if you vote Dem. (Or are dead…)

  2. What makes you think they care?

    “Here’s 2M signatures to recall the governor.”
    “That’s nice.”

    That is, if they don’t just use the petition as a nice pre-made list of dangerous enemies of the State that obviously need to be deplatformed, arrested, and preferably killed.

  3. The last time you recalled a governor, you got Danny Devito’s twin brother, not a Terminator. And he enabled much of the current mess, Just sayin’ that this may turn out just as badly.

    1. The recall of Beige Davis (I’ve met him, a singularly unimpressive bowl of oatmeal you will never meet) postponed the decline of California at least a few years….

    1. I see the former governor has posted a video of his deep thoughts of the past week. I guess the word has got out that #metoo is over and all is forgiven. Or at least he can appear in public again.

      Seriously, Navin Grewsom isn’t going to be recalled. I still see puff pieces about how he’s got a bright future beyond being governor because of the wonderful job he’s done this year.

      And if that prediction is wrong, that replacement procedure seems designed to install another clown like Arnie. This is definitely a “be careful of getting what you ask for” situation.

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