2 thoughts on “A Therapist”

  1. Can’t be true. I was told that everyone would be happy with sort of arrangement something like– from each according to xis ability, to each according to xis needs. It’s in a book! Some bearded old dead white guy wrote it! My professors told me all about it! Snopes hasn’t debunked it! It’s gotta be true! It only failed because of white supremacy.

    (Came across a great quote recently– “Marxism is the opiate of the over-educated.”)

  2. Rand’s “20th Century Motor Company” in real life. I imagine this kind of thing happens more often than we know these days. The results are either blamed on the traditional “hoarders and wreckers” or just forgotten after the crash lest the intellectual nitwits get embarrassed.

    PS I’m stealing your quote. Thanks!

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