First The FAA

…now this: “The Department of Justice filed a request for a court order to enforce an administrative subpoena in an investigation into Space X on a charge of discrimination in hiring. According to the filing, the DOJ’s Immigrant and Employee Rights Section (IER) said it received a complaint from a non-citizen in May, and Space X had not fully complied with information requests…”

I don’t know if this is hostility to SpaceX from the new administration, zealousness in “protecting” immigrants, or both.

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  1. “I don’t know if this is hostility to SpaceX from the new administration, zealousness in “protecting” immigrants, or both.”

    Both. And hostility to billionaires in general perhaps including likely Zuckerberg in spite of his cooperation in going after Trump.

  2. Wait, companies must hire non-citizens now? Forget the ITAR aspects, why must companies hire a person that is a citizen of a foreign country? And the DOJ now represents the interest of non-citizens employment rights?

  3. “It is unclear exactly why the IER is investigating a pattern or practice of discrimination when Space X is required to discriminate against broad categories of non-citizens for ITAR compliance reasons.”

    Gregory B. Friel is in charge and he dropped the investigation into Seattle’s white devil “social justice” struggle sessions.

    Just some federal government harassment by the “independent career servants” of Biden’s DOJ.

    Is it revenge for moving out of California? It could just be that the staff in the Immigrant and Employee Rights division doesn’t actually know the law and are more concerned with installing systematic racism as de facto policy in both the federal government and corporate America.

    1. Here let me fix something for you

      Just some federal government harassment by the “independent career servants” of Trump’s DOJ.

      considering they subpoena SpaceX in Octobor of 2020 and SpaceX told them to pound sand in December of 2020. Never a sound statement to the federal government. Funny this becomes news for people in PJs when a D took over.

      1. Looks like the #resistance was at work.

        It doesn’t matter who is, was, or will be President when Democrats working in government abuse their power.

      2. Only a willfully-ignorant clownshoes would pretend the goose-stepping monolithic Democrat State complex was actually working for Trump.

        1. Never insult clowns by calling “Engineer” a clown. As a real engineer (retired), I’m insulted enough by his infantile “opinions”.

        2. To be fair, the decision wasn’t straight from Biden and isn’t related to recent events but it is an open question whether or not the DOJ knows about ITAR, if they are acting out of the racial animus at the core of progressive fascist ideology, or what other rationale they have for keeping this thing alive so long, could be spite. Our career servants are very spiteful toward the people they serve.

      3. Based on the article, they filed a motion to not comply and were then denied. Hardly telling the government off. It’s not any different IMHO than refusing to answer the cops questions until your lawyer shows up. I suspect we could find lots of smaller companies without SpaceX’s size and charismatic billionaire leadership who found themselves in fighting for their lives because they decided to be “cooperative ” with some government agencies fishing expedition.

  4. I’ve been audited several times, and most of the time it was because the auditors either hadn’t read or didn’t understand the regulations. My usual solution was to find the relevant doc, staple it open to the page cited, and yellow highlight the rule, then include a page explaining the rule in ten times as many words.

    Once it was because a bank tried to pull a fast one, and I had to supply 80 pages of documentation to show what really happened.

    I also worked for NCDOR for a while, and it would be fair to say the auditors were so non-verbal they couldn’t articulate the contents of their own thoughts.

    1. I very much sympathize.

      I’m attempting to help an elderly (mid-90’s) neighbor who’s in hot water with the IRS, due to an error on their part. What happened is they, in January 2021, sent her a letter saying they’d changed her filing status from head of household to single, because the dependent’s information (name and SS#) was not on her 2019 return.

      So, I checked; it’s on her return – she keeps copies. We (I helped) sent them a letter immediately, including a copy of the tax return, contesting this (And included the “missing” info in the letter, too.).

      The IRS, however, is unreachable by phone, and the only correspondence since then is demand notices for payment of the $1200 they say she now owes them.

      The IRS (I did get through to them by phone, and it only took me 5 hours) says that it takes 16 weeks or more (How much more, they declined to say) for them to process a letter like we sent, and they did agree to wait on seizing her assets until August, but the agent (I’d been bounced to the collections department by then) said they have no ability to do anything else to help. They also advised that she pay up before the August deadline, to avoid further penalties/seizures, saying that she could get the money refunded when the IRS does actually process her letter. (And I don’t think she can afford to fork out $1200 right now).

      Oh, and for added fun, she didn’t get her $600 stimulus check. Why? Because, the IRS said, the IRS didn’t process her 2019 income tax forms until July of 2020. I checked, and they did, however, cash the check that was attached to those forms, and did so in Feb 2020. They did explain that she could claim on her 2020 taxes to get the stimulus money, but that’s the only way.

      I’m at my wit’s end trying to help her. At her age, she does not need this kind of stress and fear.

      If anyone has any ideas, I’d be much obliged. (I did try the Taxpayer Assistance Service, who transferred me, which is how I got through to a collections agent in only 5 hours).

      1. Contact the office of your local Congress representative and ask them for help in resolving this. Sometimes they do help their (non-Rich) constituents.

        1. Thanks, magpie, I never thought of that, but I’ll try. I like my local member of congress (Paul Gossar).

          I’m just beyond disgusted that the IRS is doing this to a woman in her mid 90’s, when the error is so very clearly on their side. It’s a bureaucratic nightmare, compounded by the fact it’s almost impossible to get through to them on the phone. (and they seem unable to do anything even if you do)

      2. The more I have to deal with my elderly parents and their siblings, the more I’m appalled by the careless mistreatment of the elderly, particularly by those that claim to be ultimate protectors sometimes as if they have better interest in the elderly’s wellbeing than family. What I’ve really see in them is greed and envy. They see money in the elderly, and if they can’t cash in on it, then they’ll try to make sure nobody, including the person who earned that money, can use possess it or use it. I see it from the government, supposed healthcare providers, and churches. Certainly not all. Still, enough that I’m surprised how they are tolerated.

        1. The healthcare industry is thoroughly corrupt. There is greed but also perverse incentives implanted into the system, likely on purpose. Obamacare made things a lot worse with coding changes and insurance requirements. What used to take a single visit, now takes several. Providers don’t care because insurance picks up most of the tab.

  5. When I heard a Federal building in Oklahoma City was bombed in 1995, my first thought was that somebody had finally got totally pissed off with the FAA. This was not long after a couple of wayward FAA employees screwed over Bob Hoover and the idiot in charge of the FAA didn’t publicly fire them with prejudice and have them jailed.

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