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  1. The assumption in the Supreme Court’s affirmative action decision Grutter v. Bollinger is that greater racial diversity would lead to a more vibrant college environment, but even supporters of this regime admit it has failed, the report claims.

    I wonder how the “supporters” made that conclusion. Doing some quick searches I see “vibrant” defined as anything from “full of energy and enthusiasm” to “moving to and fro rapidly”. Synonyms:
    lively, energetic, glowing, animated, colorful, vivid, vigorous, quiet, bright, active, pulsating.

    I guess if you’ve got some good seismic data and have reliably concluded a particular campus is not pulsating like it used to you might be on firm ground. Would the Kent State campus in 1970 be considered vibrant?

  2. There is something missing in the discussion of Diversity.

    Let’s just say there is someone I know who went to Harvard University some 35 years ago.

    He attended, maybe it was his 30th reunion putting this account on the right timeline. Alumni reunions is all about making alumni feel good about themselves that they fish they checkbook out of their pocket, and Harvard has mastery of “Institutional Development.”

    So he comes back from this excited about how he learned that President Obama’s Attorney General is his classmate. Now, I am not sure I would brag that someone in my graduating class is in the news for giving the appearance of corruption for meeting with a former president whose spouse is a presidential candidate being investigated by the FBI for possibly letting out classified information by not following the rules, and adding that cherry on top of the scoops of ice cream and whipped cream by stating they shared stories about grandchildren.

    So I told him, “You know this reunion thing is just to put you in
    a frame of mind to give money. So, one of your classmates is the Attorney General. And you are some schlump teaching Java programming to Spanish-speaking guys in South Florida.” He responded ruefully, “Well, yeah.”

    At Harvard, I am sure he was in a separate social circle from Loretta Lynch.

    The person of whom I am speaking was accepted into Harvard for being on an international champion US Math Olympiad team, and he certainly benefited from Diversity. The dorm to which he was assigned was where the not-in-group-of-students went, and his roommates included a man from south of 8 Mile Road who looked upon the social circle Ms. Lynch may have been in as affected phonies far removed from the Detroit Experience.

    My informant regards his Diverse experience as enlightening and constructive. I should ask him what ever became of his college roommate, but, it appears both he and his roommate were regarded by Harvard as belonging to the same social stratum, different from the one all of these Harvard people in government service belong to?

    So there is diversity and then there is Diversity. My informant got see what he has in common with this man from Detroit in that their Harvard education gives them a fulfilling life, but neither of the “went to Harvard.” They were both there to meet a quota.

    1. You don’t have to go to Harvard to buy a bunch of Harvard pennants and bumpers stickers from their online bookstore, slap them all over your stuff, and watch Gilligan’s Island reruns until you can nail Jim Backus’s elite accent. Voila, instant status.

      1. Both of my sons went, briefly, to Harford Community College in Maryland. They’re both too honest to answer the question: “Where did you go to college?” with “Harford” (said with a mouth full of food, or something, so it sounds like that other place). That’s too bad, because if I had their background, I would do it just for the lulz…

      2. It’s not about the Harvard swag nor about the left-wing indoctrination taught there.

        It is about the connections, about having known Loretta Lynch as a classmate or on your dorm floor, so you too can become a public figure doing stoopid things the MSM covers up for.

        What I am telling you that Harvard has figured out how to segregate the place while upholding Diversity. Nailing Mr. Magoo’s accent doesn’t get you into the Biden Administration.

        1. One of my Harvard educated teachers made this explicitly clear but also tried to instill this thinking in her classes. She had really hard tests that required long form answers with questions picked from a very broad list of possible topics and sometimes things she didn’t even cover in class. It was impossible to properly prepare for her tests on your own and she told us this and told us the solution, to form social networks to get tests from past students so that we could create a bank from which to study likely questions and answers that received good marks.

          She was an interesting lady that would say things like this on Day 1, “I want you to quit and I am going to make this very hard so that you will quit. You only have x days to drop a class. You can quit right now if you want.”

          Good times.

          1. More than once I have walked away and never returned when academics power-tripped like that. I doubt they cared but it preserved some of my self-respect.

  3. A long time ago, Ronald Regan said for 3700 dollars each, we could send everyone to Harvard, not that it would be a good idea. It’s always been about promoting the right people beyond their competence.

    1. An exercise: find the amount of money your local elementary and high school spends per student. Don’t use some PR number but just divide their operating budget by the number of students. Then, imagine what kind of education a kid could get with that kind of money by hiring tutors, a private teacher, or going to a private school.

  4. There is nothing that will fix racism better than creating a pogrom of systemic racism to reward and punish all the ethnicities accordingly. This is how harmony and understanding are created.

  5. There was a popular ditty my Dad liked to sing, when he worked for DoI. It ended: “If fairies come from Heaven, then Harvard must be there…” Made his Harvard-grad colleagues foam at the mouth. Nowadays, I guess he’d be fired for it, but he’s safely dead.

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