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  1. One of the articles is called – It’s a Trap!” The Pros and Mostly “Khans” of Science Fiction’s Influence on the United States Space Force. The article has a gorgeous header image of a girl wearing a space suit that says “The Kalisun Insitiative”, which is a book series.

    Amazon’s blurb for it says

    It’s been twenty years since the first corporate moon base was constructed by the KaliSun Corporation and ten years since the last major combat between China and the United States. A severe arms reduction treaty created by the international community is the only thing keeping them apart. But now China has built a moon base that the United States believes to be for military purposes. They knew that if the China gained the high ground they wouldn’t win the next war. In desperation, the US government reached out to the KaliSun Corporation with it’s moon based research center and asked “Can you develop a weapons program?” The CEO of KaliSun, Edward Stokes, looked at the group standing before him. The President, Congress, and members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and smiled. “For a price, many things are possible.”

    It also cites an article by Mark Wittington. (ref #10)

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