2 thoughts on “The Middle East”

  1. “When viewed in the context of Iran’s impoverishment, the government’s investment in a thinly disguised ICBM program is all the more revealing. With 35% of the population living in utter destitution and food prices rising steeply, the regime has chosen ICBMs over feeding its people.”

    $250 million is a relatively small sum of money and how would Iran’s government feed its people? They would spend that $250 million on food and then distribute in via food banks or something? That wont feed their people either.

    “They intend to make an irrevocable concession to Iran – billions of dollars of revenue which will flow into its coffers once the sanctions are removed. ”

    It is worse, Iran wants billions in compensation before they let the USA come back to the deal. A deal they don’t abide by. A deal that lets Iran have nuclear weapons in just a couple more years.

    Where are all the National Security Experts who were worried that getting NATO to pay their fair share and moving troops into Poland weaken our alliances and cater to our enemies? Are they going back to advocating helping the Kurds and Iran at the same time? That the only way to find peace in the ME is to betray Israel?

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