12 thoughts on “Being Patronized By Our Inferiors”

  1. Aye, nugget of gold…
    Hid ‘ere amongst the commentary:

    I have a friend whose son said he was amazed at all the clichés in Shakespeare. I think he was teasing.”

    No doubt he was teasing. A commenter last night made a similar joke about Shakespeare being nothing but a bunch of quotes strung together.

  2. Her mistake was in not googling before posting. No one’s memory is perfect but we have the ability to confirm its accuracy at any time.

    1. Althouse made this point too, along with many others about the type of person who would even make a response like Mitchell’s.

      1. It is a normal comment but twitter exists as both formal and informal communication. When tweeting in the context of doing your job, a person should be more careful.

  3. We covered Julius Caesar, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, and Macbeth in depth in high school, and had to write papers on four others. And had to memorize several soliloquies. Andrea Mitchell always struck me as a bit of a dolt, but for an English literature major to not know either Shakespeare or Faulkner is amazingly bad. It’s not like she’s a recent graduate of a modern dumbed down university, either. Sheesh.

    1. A bit of a dolt???

      She’s a world class imbecile. I suspect Greenspan married her just so he would be certain to win every argument with his spouse.

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