10 thoughts on ““This Is The Most Politicized Disease””

    1. What about the face seal?

      This is just a lame excuse that effective masks were never made widely available outside of health care workers.


  1. Um, Rand, the most politicized viral illness in human history is something else. COVID-19 just doesn’t even come close.

  2. A few decades ago gay radicals hated Reagan and “the Christian right” for supposedly refusing to save them from AIDS. This is the same play, tried out in San Francisco and now a hit on Broadway.

    1. AIDS was certainly politicized, but is anyone honestly suggesting that that battle was anything like the current morass? AIDS did not shut down whole sectors of the economy or put the entire world under various levels of house arrest.

  3. Read a great comment on the vaccine.

    GMO medicine.

    Will it send the tards reeing into the streets? Doubtful, their minds are too weak to comprehend the irony.

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