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  1. I notice in the article that, again, New York is singled out for criticism. A media darling for most of the year, the Democrat crosshairs seem firmly sighted on Mr. Cuomo – few could deserve it more, but Democrats? – the last couple of weeks. They really seem to want to take him down in a hurry.

    I think I will buy some popcorn.

  2. Well Rand you just haven’t been paying her enough attention, She way ahead of the curve in front of Tucker and the commentariat around here deep state all the way down.

    At what point, though, does the satire become the reality? Over the last eight years, Naomi Wolf has written hysterically about coups and about vaginas and about little else besides. She has repeatedly insisted that the country is on the verge of martial law, and transmogrified every threat — both pronounced and overhyped — into a government-led plot to establish a dictatorship. She has made prediction after prediction that has simply not come to pass. Hers are not sober and sensible forecasts of runaway human nature, institutional atrophy, and constitutional decline, but psychedelic fever-dreams that are more typically suited to the InfoWars crowd.

    Sounds like your type Rand.

      1. “Flowers, butterflies and a rosy banner saying ‘Bienvenidos’ decorate the child detention site.

        After someone realized they should reject their first choice– “Arbeit Macht Frei” in Spanish.

      2. The race riots stopped too. Democrats organized them because using race riots to get people to vote is something they have done for over a hundred years but the same people who cry about the Tulsa Race Riot and the demise of Black Wall Street gleefully participate in the modern day rendition.

        1. modern day rendition.

          Sorry I am confused when did the BLM drop bombs and fire guns from an AIRPLANE?
          And since you said “modern” shouldn’t it be via drone or even better from space?

    1. Interesting, the article you link to details for a few of the conspiracy theories that are popular in the Democrat party. When will Democrats started getting kicked off the internet, bank accounts closed, and investigated by the FBI for believing these crazy things?

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