5 thoughts on “War”

  1. I would say that war is much more likely because nobody is afraid of a feeble old man who, on bad days, might not be able to find the US on a map.

    Iran’s recent moves are telling. They know Biden want’s to disown and repudiate Trump’s policies, and know that he’s desperate to re-instate Obama’s nuclear agreement. They hold all the cards, and can make all kinds of outrageous demands, then “moderate” their position and meet Biden half-way, which gets them exactly what they wanted. They know he’ll have nuclear inspectors look the other way, investigating their activities with the same effort Democrats put into investigating 2020 election fraud, ie. covering it up, so he can say that his policy is working. His reputation will be on the line, and they know it, and they’re going to gleefully exploit his compromised position to the fullest.

  2. The key point is that Biden (his handlers really) is too busy not being Trump to protect America’s interests. He (they) is much more focused on his (their) imaginary internal enemies than on the country’s external enemies.

    1. To the extent they focus on our nation’s enemies, will settle for the short term optics of any “deal” even if it is a bad one a few years out, assuming they dont want the bad outcome, like Iran having nukes.

      Trump walked away from NK without a deal because he couldn’t get a good one. Obama, Hillary, and Biden would have taken a bad deal. In the meantime, NK chilled out a little bit.

  3. I wonder if we are going back to arming islamist militias in Syria to fight against Iran while giving Iran billions to fight us and developed nukes. We don’t need anymore “smart” diplomacy.

    The human misery unleashed by Obama, Biden, and Hillary in the ME rivals our country’s darkest sins.

  4. I just read an article that said that Iran demands that Biden pay them 1 TRILLION in reparations to make up for the sanctions.

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