5 thoughts on “The Real Civil War”

  1. I used to subscribe to that theory but not now. The problem is that you cannot have one in the absence of the other. Products of the mind are intangible if they cannot be implemented in the physical. And the implementation of the physical drives the innovation of the mind. Lose your ability to manufacture electronic chips and you should not be surprised that within ten years you are not designing them either. I think America woke up to this fact with Trump and the re-onshoring effort to bring manufacturing back to the US. I think the people of this country have awakened to this reality. No amount of political spin is changing any minds as far as I can tell.

  2. “In making their case for draconian energy policies, progressive politicians often cite “green jobs” as a substitute for positions that may be eliminated; President Biden commonly brushes away concerns about job losses with this appeal. ”

    It would be one thing if there were an actual mechanism here but there isn’t a Biden program for such a huge societal shift. They don’t give a rip about the people they are putting out of work and likely want them to suffer out of some progressive marxist hierarchy of who needs to be punished to make up for whatever things Democrats did in the past.

    “Progressives want the vast interior of the country to serve the “green energy” agenda popular in large metropolitan areas. ”

    Yeah, it’s the hunger games. Destroy the environment with wind/solar farms as long as city people don’t have to look at them but then also block off land outside the cities to only be used by the super wealthy connected to the Democrat party. They want rural America to be a ghetto because they always need someone to scapegoat.

    1. And to drive home the point, they’ll build enough yoga studios and “ironic” coffee shops in the cities to “revitalize” the economy, cleansing the city limits through gentrification.

      They’ll need all of those people to maintain the wind turbines planted throughout the vast soybean fields to have enough tofu and Impossible Meat to go around.

      And if that runs out, there’s always Soylent Green…

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