9 thoughts on “If The Media Wasn’t Biased”

  1. According to the insurrectionist connected Media Research Center though not a surprise since history of connections to “dictator lovers”.
    I’m sure if I looked at Media Matters 4 years ago, they would tell me “If the media didn’t provide Trump with free coverage and allowed him to do phone interviews, Hillary would of won by 340+ electoral votes or something like that.”

    1. Yes, the media covering Trump allowed him to sway voters, which is why the media chose to spread misinformation, not to cover Trump’s accomplishments, to not call out Democrats organizing race riots to manipulate minorities and the progressive fascist base, and to engage in widespread censorship.

    2. You don’t have the first clue what either an insurrection or a dictator is. Hint – an insurrection would’ve involved more violence than an unarmed protestor getting straight-out murdered by some Capitol “security” thug.

      Also, it’s not written “would of”, but you’re an illiterate, innumerate imbecile, so I realize you can’t possibly be expected to know that.

  2. Bias in the media has been worth at least 10 percentage points for every democrat presidential candidate since Carter.

      1. Yes, in all likelihood. But I use Carter as a starting point based on personal memory, not historical research 😉

  3. It is always amazing to find out how uninformed people are but most people are too busy to keep up with the news much less fact check everything they read. It can’t be said enough times, our media are trash.

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