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  1. Wouldn’t it be an insult, to call a republic, the Great Experiment?

    It seems we never had a republic, but we wanted one.
    It’s possible having brain dead Speaker of House and US president could end up going in that direction.
    It seems a problem is the world is too dependent on the US.

    There has never been a republic in the world, and comparatively, one could say US has been more like a republic than
    any other country calling itself a republic.
    I don’t think there is any other country in the world which closer to republic than the US. Nor did ancient people such as Romans ever have republic. China calls itself a republic, and the EU does even dream or even pretend to want to be a republic.

    Generally, one assume a republic has a small government in that metric US has fails pretty badly. Or in that metric, the US could scored as the lowest in world as a republic.

    In terms of universal human right, I think a person should a right to leave a country. And since US has 50 states and people can move freely to these states. Though recently it seems some states want punish people who move to another state {as if they are owned by a state or have a debt to a state if they decide to leave it].

    Anyhow, I have thinking a bit more about ocean settlements.

  2. My latest idea on ocean settlements is idea of limiting the height of floating structures. This is political thing. And ocean settlements don’t need to be high above the water.
    So, something like a limit of 1 meter above the ocean per 1 km from the beach. Or if highest is 5 meter at 5 km from a beach it doesn’t it interfere with the view much. Though limitation could 1/2 meter per 1 km, and 5 meter high would 10 km [6 miles} from the beach.

    What got me thinking about this, is thinking having floating but submerged nuclear reactor. And thinking it stick about 2 meter above waterline and be 3 meter wide. And it probably needs to be further than 10 km offshore. Of course it would have other kinds in infrastructure and vessel traffic higher than that. But anyhow, the nuclear reactor could be far less of “eyesore” than windmills.

  3. Larry Kummer’s Fabius Maximus website noted the time of death of America in a post which I can’t find any more, but it was fairly recent. It was when Obama instituted his hit list (the so-called “disposition matrix”), which ordered the killing of specific American citizens in drone strikes, because they might be terrorists. But of course, without due process of law, how can we know whether they are (or were)? When a government can kill its citizens without so much as a search warrant being served, it is officially a tyranny.

    When I first read of the hit list, I was horrified, and stated so in the comments on this site. Joseph Stalin infamously had the same kind of list, and he would go over it daily, in great detail, and condemn countless people (who may not even have been his enemies) to death, or worse. Yet our press reported Obama’s practice with approval – never thinking hard enough to realize it could be used against them.

    BTW, I stopped reading Fabius Maximus when it became just a link page to Ian Michael’s readingjunkie.com blog.

    1. “It was when Obama instituted his hit list (the so-called “disposition matrix”), which ordered the killing of specific American citizens in drone strikes, because they might be terrorists.”

      Thought they could only do this if the targets were outside of the US? Perhaps only in countries with no extradition treaties with the United States? Even if true as you say that is a very slippery slope; what exactly for instance is the legal/practical definition of the term “terrorist”.

  4. Interesting article at American Thinker:

    What if Alexander Tytler was Right?
    Sir Alexander Tytler was a Scottish advocate, judge, writer, and historian……. One of Tytler’s most influential and proverbial historical writings was about the lifespan of countries operating under democratic republican governance. Tytler believed the life expectancy of a self-ruled nation was about 200 years.

    Lord Tytler continued to say that neither democratic republics nor pure democracies last for more than 200 years for one simple reason. Tytler explained that, “It only exists until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largess from the public treasury.” Once the voters realize this, they only vote into office those politicians who give them free stuff without the need to work for it. This causes economic and eventual national collapse, and a dictatorial totalitarian government replaces the democratic republic.

    After studying human nature as well as past history, Tytler predicted the “Eight Stages of a Democracy.” A brief reading sure makes one nervous about America’s future.

    “Eight Stages of a Democracy.”

    1) Bondage to Spiritual Faith
    2) Spiritual Faith to Great Courage
    3) Great Courage to Liberty
    4) Liberty to Abundance
    5) Abundance to Selfishness
    6) Selfishness to Apathy
    7) Apathy to Dependence
    8) Dependence back to Bondage

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