2 thoughts on “De Jure And De Facto Censorship”

  1. Keep in mind that the impact of this censorship would be greatly lessened, if we had reasonable copyright duration. For example, if we had 50 years from point of publication, for hypothetical example, then five of the six banned books would already be in the public domain (since the last was published in 1955). And the last book (published in 1976) would be roughly five years from public domain.

  2. The Seuss heirs own the books and can sell them as they see fit. I wonder if they’re stupid enough to think it will end at six.

    I’m more troubled by Ebay. If they had any sense, they’d keep as far away from trying to control sales of perfectly legal items and worry about all the bootleg and pirate stuff on their site. We already know about Amazon. I wonder if they realize just how vulnerable they are to being held liable for everything that goes through their hands. Both become could unprofitable from the right court decision.

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