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  1. Well…we still have the “meritocracy” of self-made billionaires don’t we? Where is the Chinese version of Bill Gates, Bezos and especially Musk? Of course there is this:

    How China Could Beat Elon Musk To Mars

    “Over the past couple of months, SpaceX has been making rapid progress with their upcoming Mars prototype rocket Starship. Given that NASA and Russia have basically dropped out of the race to Mars, it seems like whether SpaceX gets to Mars in 2030 or 2040, they will be the first to get humans to Mars. However, there is actually one entity that could beat Elon Musk to Mars and that’s China. We all know that China is an economic powerhouse with the second highest GDP in the world, but they are also quite advanced in space technology as well. For instance, they are the only country other than the US and Russia that has the capability to put humans into space. Aside from this, they are currently working on launching their own international space station. This video explains the various advantages China has when it comes to rocket technology and development and why China could beat Elon Musk to Mars.”


    Who controls space will likely own the future.

    1. The era of “space firsts” should have died in July 1969. At this point, anyone in a “space race” to “control space” should be demonstrating the ability to rapidly perform the same tasks while reducing their cost. Not the ability to do one-shot spectaculars (often copying technology developed decades ago by a country that no longer exists) a couple of times a decade.

      If all goes well, Musk/SpaceX will have its third visit to the ISS next month. By the end of next year, Musk/SpaceX should have launched more people into orbit more times than China has so far this century.

    2. The Chinese equivalent of Bezos would likely be Jack Ma from Taobao. The equivalent of Bill Gates would be Qiu Bojun from Kingsoft. Although that has been purchased by Tencent.

      1. Have they let Jack Ma out of jail yet? Maybe they are ahead of us. I could do with a few lees billionaires telling me to ride a bike to work from their private jet.

    3. There was a Starlink launch yesterday, apparently. It was the 9th flight (or 9th reuse, I wasn’t sure) of that booster. Meanwhile, the Chinese have had, what, 5 manned flights in a 13-year period, and none since 2016?

      I bet Musk is quaking in his boots.

  2. One of those articles designed to increase self hatred. Shillin for China not cool. But, yes. Failure is good. That is the great strength of the entrepreneurial approach, that America excels at.

    China has bad Debt problem, like most. Cannot escape the greatest force in the universe: compound interest. By definition Communism can’t be wrong, hence accept criticism.


  3. And of course Elon Musk doesn’t care why you want to go to Mars or need to control what you do once you get there. If you can afford to pay the freight you can do what you please entrepreneur wise once you get there or anywhere else in space for that matter. He (Musk/SpaceX) is just the shipper; they don’t know or care what you want to do on Mars or anywhere else any more than Fed-Ex does. The Chinese government on the other hand would want to control who goes, why they go and what they do once they get there as well as defacto own everything you discover, build, etc.

    1. I wonder if it’s true that they would take anyone to Mars that can afford the fare, at least for the first several years. It’s going to be difficult to establish and maintain a functioning colony on Mars. They’ll need to send a lot of skilled people who can contribute towards getting things and keeping running. They won’t have time or resources to deal with tourists. Eventually, perhaps, but not for a while.

      1. Depends on what those tourists are paying, I imagine. A tourist can pay for a lot of time and resources.

  4. Shades of the panic about Japanese dominance in the 80s… We’ll see. Single party corruption and the single child demographic fiasco are going to be tough to handle even for China.

    Bill Maher had a similar rant a week or so ago, interestingly, and neither is wrong that our current ruling class is, at best, silly.

      1. China doesn’t have a population of several billion either. It’s just four times the US’s population.

  5. China has a population of 1.44 billion, and because of the population control polices there are in the uncomfortable position of having a population that is projected to peak at 1.5 billion in 2030, and then begin a steep decline. That immediately implies an aging population; 16% will be over the the age of 65, and that proportion will grow with time.

    What’s more, the selective female abortion and 1 child policies have resulted in there being 120 new males per female. That means an accelerating downward trend.

    Japan has aged out even more rapidly (for different reasons), and is the same kind of economic trouble China will experience. That neither country has essentially no immigration means that neither can really pull out of this nose dive on its own.

    Population size is not an indication of future success. A large population can be deadly to itself if half of them are unproductive, for whatever reason.

    1. “120 new males per female”

      Are you sure about that? The last time I saw any numbers for China or India (another country that has practiced sex-specific abortion) the numbers were more like 120 males per 100 females, not per 1 female.

      1. Yes, per 100 females. A bad type, thanks for the catch!

        Now that I have the floor again, there’s another aspect of China’s culture which mitigates against a Chinese supremacy. After a couple of decades of greatly relaxed government control over the economy and the people, Xi Jinping has begun to ratchet up the authoritarianism. He’s reinstituting the very policies that have historically destroyed communist economies. And it is showing up in the quality of products coming out of China, which had been on the upswing for decades. Now it is the opposite.

        The people had been enjoying the incentive of keeping some of the value of their work. Now that has been withdrawn, and they are back to just doing what they’re told to so they aren’t killed. Since the overlords don’t know what to tell them to do, they aren’t as productive. Further, innovation resulting in improved technology and production, is cut off by the withdrawal of the incentive of getting ahead as a reward for those things.

        The combination of this, and their population inversion of elderly unproductive over young productive, means that their plummet into the abyss is assured.

  6. I wonder will China spiral into the muck first or will we beat them to it?

    If the Dems succeed in getting rid of the “filibuster” rule I would expect:
    1) Creating 1-2 new states District of Columbia (Washington) and maybe Puerto Rico; 2 two to four new reliably Democratic Senators.
    2) “Federalizing” elections making mail-in-ballots permanent in all states; requiring states to mail ballots even to people who didn’t ask for them no signature verification etc. Automatic voter registration and voting day registration. Ballot harvesting; people gathering up ballots and submitting them up to ten days after election day. Massive amounts of undetectable voter fraud resulting.
    3) Effectively getting rid of the electoral college by passing federal laws requiring state electors to vote according to the winner of the National (note State) vote.
    4) Stacking the Federal courts with leftist judges who will reject challenges to above being unconstitutional. May or may not include stacking SCOTUS; probably just intimidate them into not taking the case. Like they did with Trump’s election challenges.

    After that the leftist sky is the limit; permanent one party rule. Gun confiscation, Climate change legislation, wealth redistribution, open borders you name it.

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