4 thoughts on “Deceptive Democrats”

  1. Democrats use illegal immigrants the same way they used slaves, to pad their numbers in the House of Representatives. Illegal immigrants are useful to Democrats in other ways too and yes, Democrats aren’t upfront about what they are doing. It is a game.

    It is the same thing on many other issues like banning guns, adopting progressive fascism, and party control of media.

    The game works on the misinformed, ill-informed, the gullible, and the inexperienced. That’s a lot of people.

    1. All that is true, but I think it is worse than that when it comes to motivations. People today are not interested in freedom, they want to be taken care of. Democrats understand that and are adapting representative government accordingly.

    2. Video Emerges of Biden Telling His Future DHS Chief He Wants to Make “Caucasians Like Me” The Minority with an “Unrelenting Stream Of Immigration…Non-Stop, Non-Stop” [Video]

      The clips is from a few years ago, but Biden is clearly saying that making whites a minority would be a good thing. He brags that “Folks like me, who are of Caucasian European descent, for the first time in 2017 will be an absolute minority in the United States of America.”

      Aside from him wanting to eliminate white people, which shows his racism, it also shows that he’s an ignorant racist who doesn’t know that Spain was full of white Europeans, and that Latin America filled up with European immigrants. They just speak a different European language than we do, one that is more directly descended from ancient Rome.

      1. Here us an article in Politico relating allegations from people arrested, imprisoned, and held without bail for protesting on 1/6 that they are in solitary confinement, racially attacked by racist guards, and beaten.

        Democrats lie about wanting racial harmony, about ending law enforcement misconduct, and not sending people to gulag style camps.

        The Twitter replies from Democrats are disgusting, https://mobile.twitter.com/kyledcheney/status/1379567772968095744

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