11 thoughts on “The Rise Of Nazism And The American Left”

  1. (7) Seventh: The Weimar Republic had inherited a cadre of bureaucrats from the autocratic Kaiser-led government that despised the very nature of the new parliamentary democracy. Working from within they sapped many of the defenses needed against the coming Nazi totalitarianism.

  2. The Nazis always were a party of the Left. It is right there in the name(let alone the operational methods):
    NSDAP National Socialist German Workers Party, translated into English. They were some smarter than the Commies who simply seized all means of production and shot or exiled to the Gulag all the people who knew how to make it work. The Nazis let the owners keep the means of production and told them what they wanted made.

    1. The argument that Nazis were socialists because they had socialist in their name isn’t a good one, it is routinely picked apart by the left.

      What the left cannot pick apart however is the historical fact that the government policies the Nazis enacted as soon as they came to power would fit perfectly in a modern democrat party platform.

  3. “I am not insinuating that the American left and the Democrat Party has the objective of imposing worldwide dominance via a horrific world war or emulating the horrors of the Holocaust”

    Democrats believe that their scapegoats must be punished so that they know how it feels. The only way to bring justice to the past is to make their enemies in the present suffer. A Holocaust is well within the realm of possibility and so are slavery and a new Jim Crow. Anyone who has heard Obama’s speeches or watched his youtube channel knows this.

    What about world wide dominance? Progressive Fascism is a global ideology. It isn’t American centric. The threat isn’t so much that Democrats will march us off to war to install Progressive Fascism abroad but that Democrats will ally with Progressive Fascist elements that control much of Europe already. Democrats are a part of various international progressive fascist groups, just look at environmental and antifa groups but there are many others.

    It wouldn’t be surprising to see Democrats advocate for foreign troops on our soil and there is a real danger that rather than Democrats dominating the global progressive fascist movement, that they get dominated and in turn, the USA dominated by foreign powers.

  4. I think I’ve figured out the possible trigger for the Second Civil War:
    UN Blue helmets in American cities. Patriots will regard these as legitimate targets.

      1. I suspect blue helmets would mostly appear in the hard blue coastal port cities, freeing domestic forces for use in interior “problem areas”. That’s why I have doubts about the idea that such a civil war would be over quickly. A lot of supplies can come in by port, and there’s a large manpower pool that could be conscripted, trained, and armed. Maybe they wouldn’t be highly motivated, but there could be a lot of them. It would probably be a long struggle with an outcome not envisaged by any of the participants beforehand, rather like WWI, but with the nastiness of the Balkan or Lebanese civil wars.

    1. We have already seen their playbook, amp up street violence where their paramilitaries are given free rein by local governments and law enforcement, use control of companies to persecute dissidents, and use federal government to do much of the same at the federal level while codifying Jim Crow laws.

      They will push on all fronts until someone snaps and then claim justification to wage all out war. It will be just like the Capitol riot where they ignored five years of Democrat lynch parties and focused on a single act of rowdy behavior. Look at how many of the best and brightest in the military fell for that scam. Those aren’t the men and women who will be refusing orders to attack their fellow Americans.

      1. They want a civil war, have been advocating for a marxist revolution for decades, but while they throw lots of punches, it is important they not be viewed as having “thrown the first punch” so that they have a media spin to justify the final act.

    2. If words actually mean things, America has not had a civil war. A civil war is defined as “a war between opposing groups of citizens of the same country” for control. In the war of 1861-65, the southern states declared themselves an independent country. At no time did the Confederate States of America try to take over the United States of America. In reality, that was a failed war of independence. Personally, and this may sound unusual from someone born and raised in Alabama, I’m glad that the confederacy lost that war.

      What is happening now could possibly lead to a true civil war in the US. That would be terrible beyond belief.

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