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  1. So is all the wokespeak in that what she believes, or because that’s what will get the typical Scientific American reader’s attention, sympathy, and support?

    Maybe she’s right. It’s time to get all these “firsts” out of the way so when it comes time to clean up all the Progressives messes, it will again be acceptable to actually hire the best and most competent people, instead of only looking at skin, ancestry, and genitalia use.

    1. Advocating hiring people based on having the right genitalia and skin color rather than skills or experience shows that living and working in space really is something that anyone can do, because when important things like ability are secondary to meaningless criteria it shows you don’t need to be the best and brightest, just modestly competent. Perhaps it is best to strip away all of the needless requirements that NASA has for working their or being astronauts and open these positions to everyone regardless of education and background.

    2. So is all the wokespeak in that what she believes, or because that’s what will get the typical Scientific American reader’s attention, sympathy, and support?


  2. “But President Biden’s stated goals for the government include addressing climate change, social justice and equity. Aligning NASA’s purpose with the most important current priorities of our nation would serve to advance a space program that represents the future instead of the past.”

    It could be that he can help accomplish the religious goals Democrats have for climate and the Progressive Fascist’s desire for installing new Jim Crow in both government and society. An old white man is just as capable as being racist as a middle aged white woman or a bipoc woman.

    Nelson is a creature of the Senate and is well suited to helping the Progressive Fascists shepherd through legislation that supports their regressive totalitarian policies, he has been doing it his whole career after all.

    Of course, committing political and career suicide would show his true devotion, something that many of these white Progressive Fascists refuse to do.

  3. So, apparently, there’s been a scrum over the headline.

    Originally, it read: “Nelson isn’t the best choice for NASA Administrator.”

    Garver did not propose the headline and tweeted that she did not like it. “I didn’t write the headlines – I’d have suggested along the lines of: NASA Isn’t about the Past, it is about the Future – but I’ll let my – rather long – op-ed speak for itself.”

    Then Scientific American changed it. It now reads: “New NASA Administrator Should Reject Its Patriarchal and Parochial Past: Bill Nelson, Biden’s nominee, exemplifies the agency’s pork-barrel, male-dominated past.” Garver tweets that she is more pleased with it.

    Which is honestly disappointing, and becomes more so when you read down into her op-ed and realize that it actually has some basis in what she wrote. Did we *really* need to get all Woke? And tell me, just how is a state-directed human spaceflight program somehow more “patriarchal” than one oriented on entrepreneurs? How exactly are Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Peter Beck, Tim Ellis, and Daniel Jablonski somehow less “patriarchal” than James Webb or Frédéric d’Allest? How are Elon Musk and Gwynne Shotwell any less up to their eyeballs in military contracts than Boeing, McDonnell, and North American were in the 1960’s?

    When she sticks to her critique of the parochial politics that have warped and crippled American spaceflight efforts over the past two generations – parochial politics embodied by Bill Nelson – she’s on solid ground. But trying to make the argument that racial and gender injustices are somehow inherent in how NASA devolved into a statist boondoggle is an exercise that has no connection with historical reality.

  4. I think Lori’s attempt to become Bernie Sanders’ NASA Administrator is a little odd and embarrassing.

    1. Neither of them are going to quit their jobs to give someone higher on the progressive stack what is claimed they deserve.

  5. So Lori Garver is not only an incompetent subject matter expert, she is also a sexist pig. Good to know.

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