5 thoughts on “Hillary”

  1. “Hillary Chose Hate
    Offered a choice between a substantive debate that could help real Americans and oppo research garbage, Clinton chose the latter. Her choice says a lot about the modern left. Namely that it thrives not on sincere debate but on resentment, psychological problems masquerading as social concern, and undiluted hate.”

    Progressive Fascism is an ideology based in hatred.

  2. Hillary’s loss was America’s gain. I don’t really care about why she lost. I’m simply grateful that she did.

  3. Hillary also ignored Bill when he suggested she try to appeal to working whites in the midwest. Her super genius staff thought old grampa Clinton was fighting the last war. The new way to win was to appeal to women, minorities, and just enough liberal whites to get you over the finish line. After all, that’s how Obama did it. Great plan, if you happen to be Obama. If you’re Hillary Clinton, not so much.

  4. If the Democrats today would hearken to Smith, they wouldn’t face getting trounced in the next several elections. As seems likely at the moment.

    Assumes honest elections. Not a valid assumption anymore IMO.

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