3 thoughts on “Diversity Training”

  1. Non-Democrats need to put together a diversity training course and put it online and state legislatures need to pass laws allowing for courses like this to count as the same requirement that the ones colleges offer fulfill.

    One good course, or several, can then displace one avenue of Progressive Marxist indoctrination in colleges while at the same time putting pressure on the employment pipeline for these racist Democrats.

  2. You can’t force people to *Love* (or even *like*) one another. Look at all of the “Peacekeeping Missions” in the world that are accomplish little if anything. But you can turn your society into a Police State where everyone censors what they say in public or private (if you are ruthless enough).

  3. Some ideas are worse for this than others. In particular, I think the ideas of cultural appropriation and racial quotas are particularly bad since they deliberately force people into these differences (real and imagined) and institutionalize them.

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