3 thoughts on “The Space Settlement Act”

  1. In many ways, the questions asked are already being worked on even if not explicitly linked to the referenced law. Continuing the initiatives of the Trump administration is a great way to get to the point where these questions can be answered in any meaningful way rather than with speculation and aspiration.

    Would writing a report contribute anything to the process? Is now the right time for a report? Sure, Nelson could lobby congress but to what end?

    It just looks like overly broad busy work.

  2. –As long as we delay consideration of space settlements at the policy level, we will not be able to engage in meaningful discussions on how government can encourage, enable, and benefit from such off-world communities.–

    Two things to say about this. Without space settlements {Mars} on table, NASA can’t do any exploration worth doing.
    2) Second, government think space settlement is not practical {cost government too much money} and they are correct, government can’t do space settlements, anymore than government can run the global satellite market. But it wasn’t the private sector that started the satellite market. Only big difference is government needed satellite- for many things, but for national security- satellites were a way to lower government costs.
    So, space settlements are not something subsidized or paid for by government. And stupid politicans only can imagine that as only way to do anything. But space settlements are not really about lowering the government’s cost, it’s more about lowering the world’s cost.
    And since US said they explored Moon for the sake of humanity- how about some follow thru so as to prove it was just a lie.
    And going to help US economy.

  3. “As a next step, we need to commit to creating the proper policy framework, both U.S. and international, to support and enable the creation of communities beyond Earth. The set of international space laws that have provided guidance for decades are not adequate to the task by themselves.”
    Not too keen on this. But government might wonder ahead of time about how quickly they recognize a Mars government. Or it seems they tend to slow and confused about such things, do some homework, be ready, have some general ideas and expectation about it- though it might a bit early to do this.

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