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Why it loves Black Lives Matter, and woke politics in general:

Woke politics has also been useful for firms hiding all kinds of unsavoury practices. Many firms will proclaim allegiance to BLM one day, while lobbying against curbs on forced labour the next, for instance. Indeed, whether you take the Marxist view, that all firms in a capitalist system exploit labour anyway, or the Adam Smith view, that sellers in a marketplace act out of self-interest rather than kindness, it is surely hard to take any company’s proclamations of righteousness too seriously.

This reminds me of how “feminist” men use their wokeism to attempt to insulate themselves from their abuse of women, like when Harvey Weinstein went to war with the NRA to deflect from his predatory behavior toward starlets.

[Update a while later]

Big Tech, Big Law, And Big Woke are banding together for a political realignment.

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  1. What’s bizarre is that there’s a “Black Lives Matter Foundation” that is unrelated to the BLM movement. It supposedly has the interests of getting police and community to work more closely together. Smells like scam to me.

    The foundation’s 2017 tax filing — its most recently available — shows that it took in more than $279,000 in contributions and gifts that year, while spending $89,000 on expenses, including $24,000 for Barnes’ salary. Besides a $5,150 cash grant to something called the “Family Renewal Develop Center” in Carson, California, there are no other disbursements or indications the foundation has worked on its stated goal of fostering better community relationships with police. BuzzFeed News was unable to reach the center for comment.

    1. I guess my point here is that a number of donors apparently aren’t checking enough to see if they are donating to the right organization.

      1. This guy got dragged on social media for taking a teeny tiny salary, while no on can account for where the money came from or where the money went that flowed into the Democrat’s official BLM groups.

        Some people probably gave money to the Russians too. Notice how the article phrases it so it sounds like Trump supporters showed up to the Russia BLM protest,

        1. This guy got dragged on social media for taking a teeny tiny salary

          Looks to me like his salary for that year was ~$290k minus expenses. He just claimed it was only $24k.

          1. ““They took my name and put this ‘inc’ behind it,” Barnes said. “They took my name. I own that name. I haven’t stolen anything from them. They have stolen from me. They have lied and been able to profit using my name.””

            The guy started his group years before the current company that uses a similar name. Who owns the name and why does the LLC have primacy over anyone else who used them name prior to 2017?

            Buzzfeed is just siding with the militant Democrat activist group they prefer rather than some other group. I don’t trust Buzzfeed on the issue.

            The guy started a group, collects donations, does things with them, and collects a salary a lot smaller than your typical group that does similar things.

            Is this guy a scam or in the group controlled by the DNC a scam? Maybe they are both scams. Only one of these groups are trying to destroy the country though.

  2. “Big Tech, Big Law, And Big Woke are banding together for a political realignment.”

    An alternative take is that stereotypes for who Big Tech, Big Law, and corporations support were not true to begin with. It isn’t a realignment, it is just finally admitting what has been the case for many many decades.

    1. Take somebody from the “Sales Department” and watch them flounder as they try to manage a technical company. They don’t have the experience and their university diploma gives them the false feeling of competency. Add the fact they all go to the same cocktail parties dominated by Left wing drones and hire each other’s relatives and the recipe for disaster is complete.

  3. It boils down to fashionable fascism that the CEOs think they can ride to fame and fortune. Mention the name “Robespierre” to them and they have no clue.

  4. Large corporations have always loved government, because government can be depended on to create hurdles that smaller competitors cannot hope to surmount.

    1. It’s no longer about using government to generate profits. See the Airlines and Cola companies attacking vote reform in Georgia. There’s no profits associated with sticking their nose into Georgia politics, but their egos and new moral business philosophy demands it.

      1. Yet my point is, companies that do not honestly give a fig about so-called ethics might well still embrace it, knowing it will impede their smaller competitors that try to follow. Of course there are true believers out there – always is – but many companies pushing this crap have got Machiavellian motivations, business not political.

  5. I suggest the following book if big corp going “woke” interests you.
    The first half would go down better if you have some business knowledge. The upshot is that the business schools have incorporated “ethics” associated with race and gender into their business lessons while the top billionaires are untouchable, super powerful and massive egotists. Jack Fink of Black Rock, for example, controls something like 20 trillion in assets.

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