7 thoughts on “How To Start A War”

  1. The only good news for the USA is that if Russia and/or China and /or Iran decide to start one or several wars, it is unlikely that Biden will send American troops. Ukraine, Taiwan, Israel, and whoever else gets attacked will be on their own. Bad for them but unlikely our troops get involved assuming any of these countries don’t overplay their hand and attack us directly.

    It could be that while Biden broadcasts weakness that he responds with bluster and in that case we better have military leadership capable of wearing big boy and big girl pants but recent history points to them all being eunuchs incapable of anything but lip service.

    None of them stood up to Biden and the Progressive Fascists use of the military and intelligence agencies being used against their fellow Americans, it is doubtful they are capable of dealing with foreign challenges, especially when Democrats view our enemies as friends or those who deserve to rule over us because of restorative justice or whatever other Progressive Fascist claptrap they believe in.

  2. Waiting for Old Joe to appoint President Harris as the new NATO czar. Maybe she can knit Vlad a new sweater.

    1. Old Joe’s insurance policy… A post Russian Ukraine won’t have anyone left to testify against Joe and Hunter.

  3. It’s not an “if” for stealing the election, for me in any case. Consider – The Russia gate hoax involved elements of the CIA, FBI and the former Democratic administration at the highest levels. It was orders of magnitude more involved and effective in terms of destroying Trump’s popularity than anything Nixon did and yet there was virtually no penalties – excepting a few lower level functionaries who lost their jobs. Stealing the election, during a pandemic, using massive mail in vote fraud (amongst other things) was well within the Democrat immorality envelope. The fact that they have gotten away with it bodes ill for this country.

    1. Yup.

      They even started race riots that burned their own cities to the ground in order to get minorities to vote based on racist stereotypes rather than issues.

      Add to that, a free and fair election doesn’t include mass censorship and all of the other things Democrat government workers, politicians, and corporations did to put their thumb on the scale.

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