3 thoughts on “This Is CNN”

  1. Even with the taped statements, there will be those who deny that CNN and other networks are DNC propaganda outlets. The les gullibles who can’t see reality have a high cross over with people who think the world is in the midst of a climate apocalypse.

  2. Of course it was obvious to all but the foolish, naive and just plain stupid people which make up a large fraction of the Democratic party’s constituency. That’s expected. What annoys me is that supposedly aware conservatives are constantly pointing and screeching about the obvious and overwhelming “fake news” but never doing anything about it. Where’s the support for new libel laws? Oh wait, that might piss off the “libertarian” wing of the GOP – such as it is when it isn’t voting 3rd party.

  3. The good news is that CNN isn’t taking up broadcast frequencies. The bad news is that they take up a lot of satellite transponder allocation and energy. I lump that loss in with SLS as wasted space resources and opportunity cost….

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