5 thoughts on “Why Is Everything “Liberal”?”

  1. Anyone who is a doctrinaire ‘leftist’ or ‘rightist’ ends up, eventually, moving in circles. 🙂

  2. “I think one reason Woke Capital is getting so much attention is because we expect business to be more right-leaning, and corporations throwing in with the party of more taxes and regulation strikes us as odd.”

    This is a stereotype and if it was ever true, it hasn’t been for over twenty years. The author spends a lot of time wondering how things came to be but doesn’t realize they believe in Democrat myths.

    “Of course, the media makes it harder to be a right-wing activist through doxxing, etc., and so that might explain to some extent why the right is less politically active, though I doubt this is a large part of the story given how relatively little appetite there apparently is among conservatives even for right-wing activism in favor of positions and views that don’t tend to get one cancelled”

    Yes, Democrats are bullies. While Trump was President, and likely even now, Republicans couldn’t hold any kind of event from a public speaker to the RNC without mobs of Democrats beating people in the streets. And when they didn’t use their fists, they used government agencies and party controlled companies to attack people. That has a chilling effect.

    Everything doesn’t boil down to just those who want to be left alone to live their lives and those who are highly motivated to control the lives of others. While this relationship exists, you need to take into account strategies employed.

    Since Democrats are schemers, manipulators, and backstabbers, let’s look at protests. The author notes that Democrats are more likely to protest and that people who protest are more likely to vote. A person doesn’t wake up and have the desire to go out and protest. That desire is incepted into them. Democrats use a lot of behavioral psychology to manipulate people aside from the in/out group which makes up the core of their ideology. Democrats know that someone who goes to a protest is more likely to vote, just as someone who gives a small amount of money is more likely to vote and/or to give more money later.

    Essentially, you make a small demand and then escalate.

    Protesting isn’t about an issue per se, but about getting people to vote, so Democrats have all manner of strategies to get people to protest. The race riots of 2020 had nothing to do with Floyd or anyone else. Using racism to get Democrats to protest was a strategy to get people to vote because someone who protests is more likely to vote. I suspect if you were to do a study, the violence carried out by the Democrats made them more likely to vote. It probably made it more likely that people who didn’t engage in violence would vote as well. Voting is much easier physically and morally than burning down building, assaulting police officers, and beating non-Democrats to death.

    1. Why be active? When cops are defunded, it is blue cities. Minorities and poor suffer, yet they vote for more. As Glenn notes, good and hard.

  3. I have a friend who, despite fairly mainstream Republican values, describes himself as a “lefty.” As near as I can tell, he thinks he’s saying he’s a “decent person.”

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