10 thoughts on “A Multi-Cultural Approach To Space”

  1. “At a moment when dystopian futures seem to loom larger than ever”

    Who is using fears of apocalypse and racial scapegoating to control people? I’m sorry but giving the people doing this, Progressive Fascists, control over global economies, governments, and space won’t stop them from using these strategies. The revolution is unending.

    It has never been a better time to be an alive human but these Progressive Fascist cultists think they live in an apocalypse. The USA has never been less racist, except for maybe pre-Obama, and all of their policies create racism in the populace and systemic racism in the organizations they control.

    1. Future technical paper:

      “The ISS, and future Mars missions and eventual human colonies, need to set aside protected spaces where people of color can go and unwind, away from the judgmental eyes of racist whites.”

      As George Wallace, who called Joe Biden one of the outstanding young politicians in America, said “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!”

    2. Reminds me of a debate on another site I post on. One group wants to control the “toxicity” of discussions. They all have a far more pessimistic view of people and what’s happening in the world than normal.

  2. Diversity plus Proximity leads to Conflict. Conflict in anything less than a Bishop Ring or Terraformed planet is a really bad idea.

    Space exploration and colonization needs *unity*, not “diversity”. It *requires* a common culture in each community and aboard each ship. Different ships, different habitats, can have different cultures, but trying to force multiculturalism into the shared spaces of a ship or habitat or even a planetary colony is an invitation to disaster.

  3. Oh well, with muddle headed Euroweenie thinking like that I don’t expect anything sensible to come out of Airbus Ventures. Ever.
    What beats me is why anyone would write and publish an article like that on the Web, displaying one’s lack of connection with the real world especially when heading an engineering R&D operation. I’d sure not want money in that.

    1. Currying favor with the woke Biden Administration and NASA leadership? If proposals get a “diversity score” that outweighs the technical score, it’s a sound strategy for getting contracts.

  4. The only culture in space is a meticulous attention to detail, quality control and honesty. “Honor-shame” cultures will get people killed because the vacuum is always trying to kill you. There is no place for mañana or inshallah maintenance.

  5. If he managed to get that op-ed published in Russia or China the Powers-That-Be would, at best, completely ignore him. (At worst, Xi would have someone from the Ministry of Transport threaten Airbus with loss of contracts and Vlad I would send someone to poison or defenestrate him.)

    Of course we’re going to ignore him too. Yet another Disciple of Wokeism preaching at us to earn points from the others in his public display of woke theater.

  6. It seems those who call for international efforts the most are among the least likely to contribute the resources to make the efforts succeed. It reminds me of the Law of the Sea Treaty and the Moon Treaty (thankfully neither were ratified by the US) that allowed for exploration for resources but required that anything of value found had to be shared with everyone, especially those who had contributed nothing.

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