11 thoughts on “The “Green New Deal””

  1. Time to buy stock in companies that make small peaking generators and natural gas turbines that power them.

    1. Generac holdings went from $272 on Inauguration Day to $328 currently. A little late to the party, but there is still room to grow.

  2. Did anyone watch Musk speak about his new XPrize? He was saying things about the climate that would get other people banned off social media. He basically said doing what Diamandis wants would lead to mass starvation and civilizational collapse and repeatedly said the cure can’t be worse than the disease.

    Musk said he wasn’t worried about current co2 output and climate but a 0.1% chance of bad conditions in the distant future.

    Diamandis was using the current propaganda that even if we stop all human activity now, that the planet is doomed anyway due to natural forces. John Kerry and other prominent Progressive Fascists have been making the same claims. It is remarkable because it is a reversal from their previous position that nature plays no role in climate but only humans. Now, they say humans don’t matter but we must control nature to stop climate apocalypse.

    1. I think what they are claiming is that human activity so far has so irreversibly damaged the natural environment that we are on a trajectory towards extinction.

  3. The GND is campaign fodder for the socialist set. It’s not happening, just like Trump deporting the illegals inside the country never happened. A promise easily made and even more easily broken. Expect, instead, a bunch of grants to solar power companies, 25 percent of which somehow return to Democratic pols for the next election.

  4. I am so old I remember the oil crisis of the 1970s, and Jimmy Carter obtaining Congressional approval to solve our “dependence on imported oil” via — OTEC! Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion. OTEC, the US response to OPEC. Spend federal money to circulate warm surface water down, pump cool deep water up, use heat exchangers to generate electricity from the temperature difference — and make fresh drinking water as a by-product! All by 1999 — before the (Carter’s) century was out.

    As far as I can tell, the money was spent on time.

    Hey, maybe we should try it again, only harder?

  5. There are a lot of Democrats who get off on suffering, their’s and other’s, so impoverishing America is not just a laudable goal (justice!) but psychologically and physiologically stimulating to them.

  6. Historically, a more appropriate name for Green New Deal is Green Leap Forward. It will be like Mao’s Great Leap Forward, a collection of centrally managed stupid ideas that caused massive damage to the economy and lead to a famine that killed 40-60 million people.

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