6 thoughts on “Project Veritas”

  1. but the appellate court said that I was stating facts that a jury could determine the truth or falsity of.

    Did anyone take a deposition of the tree ring proxies? For the ring samples that were bored out of living tree trunks did anyone depose the samples, to see if they were molested in any way? I’m sure the donor trees have an opinion….

      1. But, but! (Checking my atlas to find out that Yamal is in Siberia) It’s RUSSIAN Disinformation! …And OrangeManBad is responsible.

  2. Obviously, there are partisan Democrats who abuse their positions of power. They adhere to a totalitarian ideology bent on subjugation and elimination of out groups. Lying about PV in the press and getting them censored by media companies is well within their moral framework and so is using the government to persecute them.

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