10 thoughts on “Kerry Versus Giuliani”

  1. Somebody fetch Lurch’s tossed medals and give them back to him.
    Oh wait. That area is now walled off with patrols, fencing and barbed wire, so you can’t….

    1. David Spain:

      I respect the perspectives and comments you bring to Rand’s fine Web site. Seriously.

      But the “Oh wait” meme in Internet commentary needs to be given a comfortable retirement. It has simply worked way too hard over the years.

      1. So, seriously, what do you tell the last person left fighting for the ‘Oh wait’ meme?

          1. I remember when it was “You can’t trust anyone over 30” too 🙂 But one thing I don’t see, is Nixon coming away impressed with the political acumen behind the questions he got from the twenty somethings he secretly met with one night meeting protesters outside the White House.

          2. May 9th, 1970 not long after Kent State. This Sunday marks the 51st anniversary of this event. It took place at the Lincoln Memorial (not outside the White House) sometime around 4:40am, when Nixon couldn’t sleep that night.

  2. We also found out that the Democrats were tapping Giuliani’s communications during the impeachment, aka attempted coup.

    These Democracy Dies in Darkness types have cut the power lines and are smothering our country with a pillow while it sleeps.

    Ace nailed it when he said the person who exposed Hunter Biden breaking FARA regulations and other bribery schemes is the one being punish by the DOJ while the cheater Biden and his crack head son get protected.

    Are there any honest people at the DOJ who will stand up against these gross abuses of power or all they all eunuchs?

  3. An example of propaganda posing as news: “swiftboating” as an adjective describing a “scurrilous political attack” — instead of an effort to expose Kerry as pond scum. Compare and contrast with the hagiography surrounding the coverage of Watergate.

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