5 thoughts on “What’s “Normal” In America?”

  1. Will the opinions I express jeopardize my position at the liberal university where I teach?

    That I had to ask is not “normal.”

    Having your position threatened by a written opinion is hardly the hallmark of a liberal university. That you have to ask, already defines your ‘normalized’ institution. Perhaps some career counseling and a refocus are in order? Need I read on?

  2. “Normal” to the left is continuing the march toward socialism, “dangerous” is anything that stands in the way of that march.

  3. It wasn’t normal when the Republicans acted like Democrats at the Capitol. It is very normal for Democrats to dehumanize people to justify persecuting them with an abusive government, just like it is normal for Democrats to engage in a pogrom of violence across the country to intimidate people from existing.

    1. It is increasingly normal for people to move to a different state to escape Progressive Fascists, what happens when Democrats press the issue with federal powers? We know the DOJ will fall in line but will the military go along with Democrat’s desire to eliminate their countrymen?

    2. Any Republican, and I mean practically anyone, who’d stayed in the Senate chamber and met and talked with the protestors would be an incredibly strong presidential candidate in 2024. There is no doubt in my mind. Show some courage and have faith in our people.

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