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  1. The commune will fall apart in a year or less.
    They always do. It is the nature of Socialism/Communism that unless there is a strong, brutal leader , enforcement of his edicts, and no escape, no one works

    1. The appeal of Communism seems to run on about a 30 year cycle, or roughly once per generation. However the collapse of the Soviet Union & the Tiananmen Square Massacre seemed to have prevented the scheduled recurrence in the 1990s. But 2020’s? Right on time….

      1. Yes, there are always a cadre of deeply committed people who work within the system to subvert it. This is how our schools and government worker class became controlled by Progressive Fascists.

      2. Yes, I notice the present “revolution” has been following a similar path to the one in the late 60s. I was expecting the “commune” phase any time now. To be followed by disillusionment in less than 5 years. I suspect the periodicity is associated with the crop of red diaper babies coming of age.

  2. So they’re going to be agriculturally self-sustaining at 10,000 feet. Hope they like barley and yak milk.

    1. They will rely entirely on GoFundMe for sustenance. I doubt any of them has even grown a tomato plant before, which is why they’re talking about the “rich soil” up there. ^_^

      1. But they have pictures of a newly planted garden. Then again, that garden, if it succeeded at all, might provide enough food for a week or two for the number of people already participating. Maybe if they ran the commune like the national guard; 1 weekend a month and two weeks a year. Bonus, Pelosi can then hire them to protect “The People’s building”, so people can’t actually go there.

    2. So they’re going to be agriculturally self-sustaining at 10,000 feet.

      You make 10,000 feet sound like it’s Mars or the moon.

      1. Did anyone note the screencap of the tweet where they answer the question of how they plan to keep warm up in the mountains? “a good book to burn…” and show a picture of the book; the Diary of Anne Frank.

        Who are they trying to win over? Adolf Hilter?

        I also feel very sorry for anyone living in the area. Lunatics like these are dangerous. Ever heard of the commune up in Oregon, an Indian cult, that bought a ranch (62k acres) and tried to build a commune for up to 7000 people? Didn’t end well, including for the nearby town of The Dales, which got hit with a biological warfare terrorist attack against at least ten restaurants (and had over 700 victims) in an attempt to swing an election.

        1. They also say some mumbo jumbo about being indigenous, what what Native Americans think about that?

        2. Nothing like Bolshevism with a hefty dash of anti-semitism to brighten everyone’s day.

      2. I lived in Colorado Springs for over 25 years. Even at an elevation of only 6000 feet, our growing season was short. You didn’t want to risk planting anything that could be damaged by frost before Memorial Day. They had snow there this week and it’s forecast to snow again next Monday. The first frost of fall usually happens by the end of September. Snow in June and in September happens from time to time. That leaves a growing season of only about four months at 6000 feet. You can be certain that the growing season will be quite a bit shorter at 10,000 feet. Perhaps they’ll build some greenhouses but I wouldn’t count on that bunch being to do that.

    3. I wonder if they were smart enough to buy the water rights too?!? Bwahahahah! No, not really wondering that.

    4. The Himalaya have broad valleys and a pretty reliable monsoon for water,

      Their 200 acres at 10k feet? Sorry, Komrades!

  3. Those morons do not have a clue on just how much hard work it is going to take to grow their food in a high desert. Rich soil my ass, I bet it is no more than 4 to 8 inches deep anywhere there. Also, who is going to build those houses they envision and unless if they want a dawn to dusk existence, where will the electricity come from? I don’t see any place for the “cheap” Chinese PV panels on those round domes…..
    I do not give them more than 3 months….

        1. OK.

          If the soil is so rich, why is the tree line in Colorado typically between 6 and 7 thousand feet?

          1. /shrug but probably not enough super melanin.

            All kinds of gardening videos on youtube for them to watch. Maybe they will pick a better location for their next attempt.

    1. The partial pressure of CO2 is already driving food plants to slow growth. Add in cold weather and short seasons…. Have they considered herding Yaks like the Tibetans?

      1. More importantly, the original resource plan of Plymouth was “From each according to their abilities; to each according to their need.”

        But it didn’t take long for the transcendentally obvious flaw in that plan made itself apparent (some people won’t work, some consume more than they make or need etc.).

        So they went to Plan B:

        “No work; No eat.”

        This plan came together.

        I love it when a plan comes together.

  4. They could put in the research and build a nice little community but that really isn’t a lot of land. How much is usable for crops and do they have a supply chain to get what they need?

    This could be like all the other drugged out hippy communes with rampant sexual abuse of women and children. That joker guy just screams pedo.

    Will the ATF burn their compound to the ground? Doubtful. It is more likely the ATF will give them guns and food.

  5. 10,000 feet eh? In winter time? These people should study what happened to the Donner Party, but that would be white people’s history and can be safely ignored.

    1. The Donner Party was trapped in Donner Pass, around 7,000 feet elevation. With trees, and flat land around.

      Not on the side of a mountain.

      Sorry, losers. Natured doesn’t care about your irrational beliefs.

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