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  1. Time.to buy stock in the companies that sell printing press lubricants to the US Mint. Oh and maybe some gold and silver.

    1. The most important part? Get to the US, if you aren’t already. When the Pax Americana ends (and it’s dangling by a thread already), international trade by ocean will be one of the first casualties… and very few nations can produce enough food to keep their people alive (and even fewer can do so without the hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon byproducts like pesticides and fertilizers that also travel by sea). I expect that we’re looking at a billion deaths from famine alone, and probably the same again from the resulting pestilence and war. All of it unnecessary, brought about because fools and knaves wanted power over the common man, because they were *certain* that they could do a better job of running things (this time, not like last time!). And the US, even with incompetent socialists (really, neo-feudalists) in charge, is still more likely to be able to feed itself than anybody else.

      The second most important part? Get out of the cities, if you can, because those are going to get the worst of it.

  2. Too bad the real precious metals (copper, zinc, lead) have all been inflated, already.

      1. I’ve been looking for crypto with an actual business case behind it, other than hype, and Brave’s BAT looks promising. It wont be like Bitcoin but looks interesting.

        1. Interesting. Sort of like the crypto version of S&H Green Stamps. I guess you could hoard piles and piles of those stamp books under your bed and as long as you could redeem them for a set of kitchen knifes or a transistor radio, they were worth keeping.

          1. In the heyday you also had S&H speculators. Folks who’d save stamps and fill books to offer them for sale to buyers in the local for sale ads in newspapers before the days of EBay and the Internets. So say you were just 7 books shy of having enough stamp books to buy that $40 radio from the S&H catalog and I was willing to sell you a dozen books for $15. Pretty good deal right? Never-mind S&H paid $7.95 for the radio to begin with. Seems like the 2020s equivalent….

          2. Possibly but what is one of the main ways to make money on the internet now? Advertising. The value will increase as Brave’s user base does and there are a lot of people upset with how their data is marketed and the business practices of these big tech companies in general.

            I have set up recurring donations to various websites, like this one and others that lean right, but only Bill Whittle participates.

            You can buy BAT through a crypto brokerage and sell off later or use it to reward creators or buy your own adds if you want. I havent looked into it much from the last point. You wont get rich closing boxes but trading BAT means you can get more than a radio.

            It isn’t bitcoin but the only value to a lot if these cryptos is hype, not so different from the USD these days but still…

          3. David, you are my No. 1 cultural compadre in the comments section of this blog. I wonder what percentage of the readers have ever even heard of S&H Green Stamps…or, for that matter, a “transistor radio.”

          4. or, for that matter, a “transistor radio.”
            It’s ok, they have an app for that now…

      1. Too late, I’m afraid.

        That’s why it’s called PRE-paration, not post-paration.

  3. “she raised the possibility that one day the Federal Reserve may raise interest rates “to make sure our economy doesn’t overheat.””

    She isn’t wrong. The Obama economy wasn’t strong. The stock market did ok toward the end but that isn’t the economy. The Trump economy wasn’t strong either. In some ways it was stronger than the Obama economy and it was geared to strengthen those who don’t live on Wall Street. What happened under both Presidents when the Fed raised rates? The stock market took a dive.

    One way to reduce the money supply is to cancel the debt owned by China for their crimes against humanity, which are numerous, but specifically for unleashing the plague on the globe.

    1. I think ultimately we’ll find out we bought and paid for that one too. One of the few things we got our taxpayers money’s worth.

      There is the theory that it (gain of function research) was US funded as a deep black US intelop to test and mole-up China’s bio-weapons capability. That’s why NIH perhaps did the loophole around the moratorium as a sealed secret National Security justification. It has a grain of truth to it. Perhaps enough that even if false, if I were China, that’s the story I’d go with rather than the Swanson’s Food Theory.

      Thank you Brennan and Fauci for giving China a mulligan.

      1. It wouldn’t be surprising and also explains the reluctance to hold China accountable if it came from their lab.

    2. Ultimately, it is the only way those debts will be cleared.

      But it will likely cause a war with China – their economy, such as it is, is as dependent on the US as the US is dependent on China for things we don’t want to make, because of the environment, or unionism makes them more expensive than we want to pay.

      And we have sufficient jobs without manufacturing or textiles…

  4. “One way to reduce the money supply is to cancel the debt owned by China for their crimes against humanity, which are numerous, but specifically for unleashing the plague on the globe.”

    That is an idea Wodun; Trump might have had the ball sacks to do such, little chance bought and paid for dementia joe would.

    1. Problem is that it isn’t that much compared to our printing problem. I’m seeing the have about $1 trillion. Is that even a year’s deficit right now?

  5. I’m trying to build a second home currently. Lumber prices are spiked not because of inflation but because of several massive shocks to the supply that we gave the market last year that we haven’t had any real chance to recover from. That being said, I fully expect that when the prices do come back down, they will be at a higher baseline from inflation.

    1. Totally agree. Just read an article that says the lumber mills cut production and furloughed lots of workers last year, expecting decreased demand that never happened.
      I bought cedar posts at HD just over a month ago for $32 each and yesterday they were priced at $45 each.

    2. As long as the lumber is produced and sold here in the US it will balance out and be good for us in the long run. But if mills get caught up trying to deliver oversold demand overseas (China) that could really hurt us. One of the myriad way China could jack us without export tariffs.

    3. I was looking for some boards at the local Home Depot/Lowe’s and kept running into imported Finnish lumber. Not fancy hard word pieces, just lumber. Bizarre.

      1. It shows we still have a lot of pull in the global economy, same with ammo. We are sucking up all the ammo from other countries. What I haven’t heard discussed is if Russia and Europe also have ammo shortages and if shipping supply to the USA is either creating one or making it worse. Is this situation true for lumber as well?

    4. It’s been said that you don’t really understand how bad the press is until they do a story on a topic you know something about. The reporting on lumber prices has been horrible. I’ve worked in the (Fortune 500 sized) corporate side of the forest products industry for over 25 years. From there you can see a big picture view of what is going on without too much effort. Every traditional press article I’ve seen on the topic has focused on the supply side. What really is causing issues is demand at levels never before seen.

      In the US lumber market (think 2x4s, panels like plywood is a separate thing) in 2020 there was a small supply side disruption early in the year. The vast majority of lumber consumption comes from new home construction. When the initial lockdowns happened new home starts cratered. Producers responded by slowing production. What nobody anticipated was the remodeling market demand would shoot up. All the big players immediately ramped their production back up, and by about last June the production side was at normal levels. With the summer season, new home construction rates rapidly shot up to levels not seen since before the Great Recession. And demand from the remodeling market continued to grow.

      The panel market has seen the same demand factors come into play along with some additional demand from cities where the “spirited protesting” has occurred. Here there has been some supply constraints due to a resin shortage. That shortage being much worse due to the massive increases in demand.

      In the end you have a homebuilding market reaching demand levels no seen in close to 15 years combined with a remodeling market with demand levels which have never been seen before. Both of those happening at the same time.

  6. Arlen used to haunt the Republicans until he finally admitted he wasn’t one.

  7. Good News: you can pay off your mortgage for the cost of a loaf of bread.

    Ban News: There is no bread.

    There are only so many zeros in a type case. The 100 billion Zimbabwean Pound note might eventually be worth a $1.00 and you probably threw all of yours away as worthless.

    1. It has long been a “conspiracy theory” that we would inflate our way out of debt. It is predicated on the belief that at some point we would stop but how does that happen?

      1. “It has long been a “conspiracy theory” that we would inflate our way out of debt. It is predicated on the belief that at some point we would stop but how does that happen?”

        Sometimes countries don’t inflate themselves out of debt. Sometimes they simply announce a “temporary” suspension of interest payments on said debt. Starting maybe with portion held by foreigners; we could confiscate Chinese assets here (using their causing Covid19 as an excuse). Maybe Russian assets as well because of their involvement in trying to corrupt our election process. Probably won’t happen with current administration. Assuming Dems don’t steal the next election by federalizing election rules they will likely suffer a bloodbath in 2022. We will see then.

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