23 thoughts on “Mickey Mouse Goes Woke”

    1. Yeah, if anything, I’d say Disney Corp is almost seeing a light at the end of the tunnel from their woke journey. There has been talk of firing woke managers and going back to working strategies.

      Otherwise, ESPN has been essentially the vanguard of the woke ever since it was acquired by ABC/Disney. One would think a typical ESPN news story might be, “Here are the results of the NFL draft and our scoring of Team choices”, but instead we get something more like “The NFL draft proves the systemic racism problem in America. We rank each team on their diversity and inclusion.” It is just what ESPN does now. Its bad enough they show their created content news more than actual sports program, but the news is hardly factual and mostly written as opinion editorials. And once the strategy works, they bring it into ABC programming, particularly sports, but also other news items.

      For Disney, ESPN has been a boon to their revenue, but that boon has declined year over year. It is just like their acquisition of the Star Wars brand. They likely made their money back on purchasing Star Wars from Lucas, but Star Wars a valued brand is crap. They may still sell tv shows, but movies are selling by half each new run, and the toy market is effectively gone. This is all because Disney went woke, and yeah, the customers didn’t like it. They are just fortunate to have had so much previous success that they ain’t broke yet.

        1. Years ago an executive from Deans Food talked about how they went from Number 7 Fluid Dairy Producer to #2. All of the others had gotten involved in the 1970’s Diversification Fad. Bordens, for example, had plowed all of their money into plastics and petrochemicals. Then the economic slow down hit and the neglected core business crumbled taking the acquisitions down in a flood of debt.

          Be true to your core business. Expand in things you understand deeply. The Woke Adventures just spend money…

      1. They have China as their “ace in the hole”. A number of movies that would have bombed were brought into profitability by the Chinese market. Note that Disney doesn’t say “Boo” to their Chinese overlords. In fact, they subtract or minimize the black characters from their Chinese movie posters. To top it off, ESPN’s “woke” goes over well in the Chinese market as a criticism of American capitalism.

        1. It won’t stay an ace for long. The Chinese are doing exactly what they did for other markets/techmologies: they’re making their own movies now that Western companies have created the demand.

  1. Disney will be saved by their streaming service….. and China. The massive increase in entertainment bandwidth and the monster profits being taken from it have distorted American politics and culture out of all recognition. An unintended consequence of the internet revolution.

    1. People have been seeking the Fabulous Chinese Markets for centuries. A few ‘gweilo’ have short-term profits, even massive ones, but China quickly adjusts and discards the interlopers.

  2. I was in college at FIT when Disney World first opened. I thought it was wonderful, especially the Pirates of the Caribbean. When I moved to Southern California in 1980, I regularly visited Disneyland, both as a single and as a married parent. But when Disney made the Pirates of the Caribbean “politically correct”, I started to lose interest.

    The “Disney experience” has been way overpriced for two decades, and likely has gone up. I won’t pay those exorbitant prices just to put up with “woke” horseshit. I doubt that Middle America will, ever again.

  3. I have not been to anything Disney since 1990 and have no intention of ever going back. They permanently lost me a few years ago when they hired H1b visa personnel and forced their American employees to train their replacements.

  4. When the kids want to watch Disney shows, the parents will buy Disney+. The kids are too dumb, because they are kids, to know what is going on and the parents don’t want their kids to miss out on things popular kids do and dont want fits.

    1. “Mom, what’s a twerk?”
      “Where did you hear that dear?”
      “It was on Rosanna, Nevada”.
      “Thank you honey. Want to play Candyland with me?”

      One week later….
      “Mom what happened to Disney?”
      “I’m afraid it’s broken dear…”

  5. I was considered woefully disadvantaged as a Northern California kid who’d never been to Disneyland.


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