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  1. So Mann has added Bill Gates to his enemy list. That seems weird. Searched through the book and this is the best I could find:

    Maybe this is simply a manifestation of what environmental journalist Emily Atkin has referred to as the phenomenon of “first-time climate dudes.” It’s the tendency for members of a particular, privileged demographic group (primarily middle-aged, almost exclusively white men) to think they can just swoop in, surf the Internet, interview a few hand-selected “experts,” and solve the great problems that others have spent decades unable to crack. It is almost inevitable that the product, in the end, is a hot mess, consisting of fatally bad takes and misguided framing couched in deeply condescending mansplaining. On climate change, we’ve seen it with Bill Gates, FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver, and now with Michael Moore.

    Mann doesn’t like Gates’ tendency to mansplain I guess. When you’ve spent decades unable to crack the problem I could see where you’d get testy at getting mansplained to.

  2. (primarily middle-aged, almost exclusively white men)…

    …who are not bald and sporting goatees….

    Neither Bill Gates nor Michael Moore are middle-aged. Nor do I consider either Michael M’s energy experts.

    1. Considering what an insult it is to be called a middle-aged white male and Mann knows they are not middle-aged, they should sue for defamation. An insult like this causes irreparable harm in the gullible warming community.

  3. in the end, is a hot mess, consisting of fatally bad takes and misguided framing couched in deeply condescending man[n]splaining.

    Yup been there, seen that hokey schtick before….

  4. “Nearly everyone at least mentions adaptation as a climate solution (including Koonin), but without any concrete suggestions or insights as to why/how this can be approached. There aren’t alot of books on climate adaptation;”

    The climate apocalypse crowd just hasn’t figured out how to monetize it yet in a way that doesn’t ideologically alienate their congregation or how to make adaption a top down totalitarian imposition on the global populace. Any adaptation plan needs an element of forced collective suffering to get buy in because sacrifice is key to making them feel like they are doing something to appease their deity.

    I watch Lomborg on Jordan Peterson’s podcast a week or so ago and that guy has some rather totalitarians beliefs and also some contradictory ones like we should help babies survive while at the same time encourage abortion. I don’t know if he has these views to appeal reasonable to the people who hate him in the climate apocalypse crowd or if they are genuine but either way, I don’t trust solutions from people who think like this. (This being the totality of what he was saying beyond that one point.)

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