18 thoughts on “The Democrats’ Pre-Election Lies”

  1. I’ve got my lies, but my lies are unraveling
    Can’t keep control; can’t keep track of where I’m traveling
    I’ve got my art, but my art is no good*
    And you’re Ukrainian, that’s understood

    -with apologies to Nine Inch Nails’ “The Perfect Drug”


  2. If only it mattered. Bidet and the Whore stole their way into the WH, our borders are open, Antifa and BLM are still running amok (and the latter terrorists are getting their flags flown from US embassies), and Bidet’s proposing a six TRILLION dollar budget.

    And nothing will be done about any of it.

    Save one bullet for yourselves, lads.

  3. “…and Bidet’s proposing a six TRILLION dollar budget. And nothing will be done about any of it.”

    Probably unfortunately yes. The only firewall we have is the Senate filibuster; not optimistic it will hold for 20 more months. Absenting that nothing to stop the Dems from courts stacking, state creating, Congress federalizing the rewriting of election rules.

    1. The only thing that will hold the filibuster is the growing certainty that the Republicans will take the House and retake the Senate, and without the filibuster it will produce a flood of bills that Biden will have to cope with, and a flood of new committees and investigations.

      Off topic: PBS Nova just ran a program called “The Great Electric Airplane Race”, about how electric airplanes are going to save all of humanity from the devastating consequences of global warming. I think many hear would find it delightful, in that way that aerospace engineers look at things with narrowed eyes, especially about payload, range, flight time, and failure modes.

      1. “the growing certainty that the Republicans will take the House and retake the Senate” Have you not noticed that the Democrats now control pretty much everything on the internet? And control most people’s minds as a result.
        I see nothing resembling a certainty.

        1. “I see nothing resembling a certainty.”

          Yes. When it finally becomes clear to the Dems the Republican Congressional election tsunami wave facing them next year they will ratchet up pressure on Dem Senator Joe Manchin to cave on eliminating the filibuster. They (the dems) will pull out all stops; “traitor to his party”, “racist”, expect thinly veiled threats made against him (and his family) if he doesn’t see the light and vote “correctly”. Like Chuck Schumer threatening SCOTUS:

          “Schumer accused of threatening Kavanaugh and Gorsuch during rally”


          1. Indeed. If the Democrats were acting like they have total control, I might worry — but they’re acting like they’re scared to death.

            They have reason to be.

      2. Yes, it was interesting after passing all of the “existential crisis” and “this will increate diversity” fluff.

      3. Two older ladies decided to take a trip across the US by airplane pre-WW-II. This is when airlines flew DC-3’s on such routes. On account of their short range, they made frequent stops.

        At each stop, a small, blue-colored tanker truck would race up to the plane to top off the tanks with avgas. I suppose with electric airplanes of the future, that truck would bring a recharged battery pack for exchange?

        One lady remarked, “It’s amazing how this airplane makes makes such great time!” to which her travelling companion replied, “Yes it does, but is even more amazing how that little blue truck keeps up with us!”

        1. Ha!

          One of the advanced electric planes in the NOVA special had about a 75 mile range, and then of course would have to be recharged. Cut in the 30-minute reserve requirement and it’s basically got the range of a powered parasail, even though it’s a highly refined aerodynamic design with the latest in battery and motor technology.

          They did, at one point, show a 737 airliner and note that it carried 40,000 lbs of fuel, and said that to get equal range would require 1.2 million pounds of batteries. They said the challenge was daunting. Well yeah, considering that the 737 MAX has a max landing weight of 150,000 lbs and an empty weight of 100,000 lbs, you have to figure out how shave off 1.15 million pounds of batteries from a 1.2 million pound battery pack without reducing the capacity.

          Then they bragged on the electric aircraft which cost $170 million, carried only one pilot, and which flew around the world in only 505 days. Well, in 1872 Jules Verne was shooting for “Around the World in 80 Days.” Heck, sailboats and submarines circumnavigate the globe faster than that.

          They bragged how electric motors make it possible to put propellers all along the wing. I was thinking that a drive shaft along the leading edge could drive any number of bevel gears for as many propellers as anyone could want, with higher efficiency, more power, and a single high-efficiency turbine engine driving the whole thing.

          Anyway, the show is a feast for the contrarian (or realist) aeronautical engineer who isn’t impressed by pre WW-I era aircraft performance.

          1. Back in my younger, carefree days when I kept my 3rd class medical and biannual flight review current, I would fly out over the Baraboo cliffs near Madison, WI — it was bumpy enough to scare passengers, but I noticed a substantial positive rate of climb without raising the nose and adding power.

            The Piper Tomahawk/Warrior/Dakota family of light aircraft were no sailplanes, but I bet you could save gas on a cross-country trip searching for “lift”, just as you can save gas on an automobile trip if you “wait for the winds to clock around” as they did with the clipper sailing ships.

          2. It was interesting after the “existential crisis” and “diversity” nonsense.
            It was also interesting that their glowing remarks on the hydrogen-powered aircraft made no mention of the fuel cost.

          3. Mere Mention of Hydrogen would have been sufficient for me to reach for the remote.

  4. Isn’t it strange how Democrats started saying Fake News needed to be suppressed but that the things they were saying about Trump turned out to be false then they moved on to Kavanagh and the Covington Kids and started censoring in earnest and even though we found out that Kavanagh wasn’t a gang rapist and the Covington kids weren’t racists who abused Native Americans, Democrats pressed on by adopting the new terms, Disinformation and Misinformation.

    All through the pandemic, they used those terms to censor and excommunicate people from the internet and brick and mortar businesses. They used those terms to silence anything negative about Biden, the Democrats, and their race riots during the election. They used those terms after the election to suppress news about election fraud. In all of those cases, we learned the Democrats, their media, and their fascist corporate cronies were wrong.

    They know it and we know it but the push for censorship and excommunication hasn’t let up because they know the only way to keep the truth from getting out in the future is to solidify the strategy they have in place and then, no one will be allowed to remember their failures of the past.

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