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  1. Reject XL and approve Nord Stream 2.
    What a mis-administration. America Last. Let’s discuss collusion…. Who in their right mind supports this foolish administration? Yeah Trump was an ahole but there was the greater good of his policies. This country is just one fucking cult of personality. Idiots. How much of the executive can the next president after Biden fire?

  2. Forget Germany. Biden is going to extradite the NSA:

    “If we agree on the extradition of criminals, then Russia will naturally do that but only if the other side, in this case, the United States, agrees to the same and will also extradite corresponding criminals to the Russian Federation,” Putin said according to Russian news agency TASS.

    Putin is talking about “cyber criminals”


    Biden going for worst President ever. Putin must think we have the better hackers….

    So much for the protections of our Constitution.

  3. I think Trump’s approach to European natural gas dependence was to work to build large LNG ports in Europe and on the US East Coast so we could supply them with cheap American and Canadian natural gas.

    But Biden’s folks know that American carbon atoms are racist.

    1. The whole world of Chemistry is nothing but systemic. How often have you seen carbon atoms depicted as black while oxygen atoms are ALWAYS white? Chemistry is yet another example of fragility. The whole edifice has to go!!

      1. In fact we’d be better off with chemical relationships rather than bondage. And more free radicals! Focus on affinity not electronegativity. It’s all about the feelz.

  4. Are any of our allies good allies? Foreign relations is all about making the wrong people do the right thing. Sometimes these countries are less wrong than others but it isn’t often there is ideological alignment outside of crisis.

    Getting Germany to go along with our foreign policy should be an easy chore when compared to Russia, China, and Iran, which makes one wonder what our foreign policy establishment’s goals and objectives really are. When they fail at easy tasks and results of their policies weaken our country, we have to consider that they aren’t failures but successes.

    The good news is they all want to outlaw gasoline globally and that that dork in charge of England spouts CRT nonsense about rebuilding “better”.

    It really isn’t that Germany is a bad ally so much as our State Department is a bad ally of the USA.

  5. “Certainly, Germany has been a long-time partner to the United States and has hosted tens of thousands of American troops.”

    Yes, as I recall, we at one time even had hundreds of thousands of troops there. It was in 1945, I believe. Though, as I seem to remember, Germany wasn’t considered an ally at that time. But it is one today? Perhaps someone has a better recollection than I, since I’m elderly…

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