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  1. “John O’Sullivan is editor-at-large of National Review”

    I got tricked! lol

    “In this context, we will phase out new direct government support for carbon intensive international fossil fuel energy”

    This isn’t about subsidies, they would have said that. This is about using the power of government to deny land leases, pressure banks into not doing business, and increasing regulatory harassment via weaponized agencies.

    “But as my italics show, the governments are building escape hatches into their commitments at almost every point. ”

    Where does the net in Net Zero come from? Escape hatch or profit center? Would some rando be able to start a business based around providing the net or must one be well connected to the political establishment? It all just looks like a way to make people suffer because suffering means something and for people to make money off corruption.

    1. Where does the net in Net Zero come from? Escape hatch or profit center?
      Neither. It comes from averaging the IQ scores across all employees across all government agencies by 2054.

  2. Net Zero is just the latest attempt to monetize social engineering. For $45 per year, you can purchase enough carbon credits for your family to live in 5000 sq ft home, drive 2 SUVs, take a couple of inter continental flights, and be Net Zero. What does that really mean?

    Well $45 goes to a business to spend your money on activities approved by the government and in return for doing that work, they don’t owe the investor anything. There used to be a word for business doing what the government wanted by coercion rather than by law.

    1. In the 16th Century, the Church was in the lucrative business of selling “indulgences”, and it was what set off Martin Luther & co. and suppressing them later developed into the “Hundred Years War”.

      So can anyone explain how are these “carbon credits” any different from indulgences?

      (And “Net Zero” sounds like a name of a sweet, vaguely chemical tasting carbonated drink.)

      1. The difference is the Church of Atheist Marxist Environmentalism hasn’t attained self awareness yet. They are wandering the Garden of Eden but what happens when they eat the fruit of the forbidden tree?

        1. They are wandering the Garden of Eden but what happens when they eat the fruit of the forbidden tree?

          The tree of “My Stuff”?

    2. If you think a person can assuage their guilt for the personal sins pointed out to them by donating $45 per year, brother-man, you haven’t seen the inside of a place of worship of one of the major Abrahamic religions in a long time. And what you contribute to your congregation no longer gets you any indulgences. Thanks for nothing, Father Martin!

      If Net Zero is as corrupt an enterprise as the Medieval Church was made out to be and $45 dollars a year can be turned over to someone to excuse living in a 5000 sq ft home where two gasoline-powered SIVs are parked with a couple of family overseas airline flights included, I am signing on.

      I am afraid that the Savonarolas are planning their Bonfire of Electric Reliability to promote moral purity through suffering and are morally earnest about it.

  3. “Federal Judge Orders Biden Administration To Halt Oil And Gas Leasing Ban”

    “A federal judge ordered the federal government to halt its ban on new oil and gas leases in a major setback for President Joe Biden’s administration. Judge Terry Doughty, of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana, granted a preliminary injunction that had been requested by a large coalition of Republican state attorneys general in an order released Tuesday evening. The Department of Interior is prohibited from enforcing the oil and gas leasing ban until the case is concluded, according to the order.

    “The lawsuit alleged that Biden’s order violated the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act and the Mineral Leasing Act, which were both passed by Congress and affirmed the federal government’s intent to achieve energy independence using U.S. resources. Biden’s order makes the U.S. dependent on foreign energy sources, the states argued.”


    Amen…hope it sticks; the judge is a Trump appointee to the federal bench:

    “On August 3, 2017, President Trump nominated Doughty to serve as a United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the Western District of Louisiana, to the seat vacated by Judge Robert G. James, who assumed senior status on May 31, 2016.[5] On March 1, 2018, the Senate voted 94–2 to invoke cloture on his nomination.[8] Doughty’s nomination was confirmed by the Senate on March 6, 2018, in a 98–0 vote.[9] He received his commission on March 7, 2018.”


    1. Of course putting on hold temporarily the Biden administrations ban on new leases doesn’t mean they have to actually grant new leases; they just theoretically can’t totally ban them. They could slow walk the approvals process of any requested lease probably indefinitely.

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