5 thoughts on “Jim Treacher”

  1. Treacher and his NRO ilk remind me of why the 60s campus radicals hated left liberals far more than conservatives.

    1. Remember when he got literally run over by the federal government and all these proto Trump supporters rallied to his cause?

      It is a bit like that Parterico (sp) guy who was repeatedly SWATed and cancelled before cancelling was cool and everyone rallied around him and then when the Democrats did the same thing to Trump, he fell for their scam and joined the dark side.

  2. Pay a guy who goes out of his way to insult me for preferring the Mean Tweets guy to the criminal grifter or the guy with moldy potatoes for brains? Not hardly.

    1. Treacher: Give me money, monthly!

      Audience: But you just kicked me in the nuts for no reason…

      Treacher: And now you are morally obligated to pay me for that service.

      Audience: Dude, you are insane.

      Treacher: The price just went up another dollar.

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