Heredity And Lifespan

This is very good news, if true. Both of my parents died of heart attacks fairly young (I’ve now outlived my father by more than a decade, and will beat my mother in a couple years), but they were both obese and smokers. I have a clean bill of health as of a year or so ago, in terms of plaque, even though I ignore the criminally terrible nutrition advice from the federal government.

5 thoughts on “Heredity And Lifespan”

  1. “A common opinion has always been this: Genetics are the main determinant of life span. So if you still want, go ahead and exercise. Go ahead and eat your kale. Do whatever those silly one-hundred-years-plus crones on the Today show recommend you do to live a long time, but none of it matters – your shelf life is largely predetermined.”

    Common but unpopular? Like, not many people believe this although you might hear it.

    I don’t know how this can be determined since so many different things can take you out before you reach old age. Maybe, if the Progressive Fascists don’t destroy society, in the next couple hundred years we will see advances that allow genetic longevity to become visible.

  2. This pretty much seems like “bad science clickbait” (a term of art I may just have coined). Throw in the “associative mating” nonsense and its the same thing as “married men live longer.” Well, yeah. I always found ejaculating in my various wives’ and girlfriends’ bodily orifices provided excellent stress relief.

    Or to put it another way, my Dad had numerous surgeries all his life, including tonsillectomy, apendectomy, throat cancer surgery, and heart valve replacement surgery, only to die at 87 from prostate cancer (for which he decided on just palliative care). My Mom had a similar number of surgeries, but died at 77 from botched stomach surgery. Me? I’m 70 and have never been hospitalized. I still have my tonsils and appendix, even. My Dad was obese, and I may have inherited the tendency, but have chosen not to eat quite so much (my current wife claims its because I liked pussy more than he did, so I tried harder to keep a trim and girlish figgar).

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