7 thoughts on “The Killing Of Kern County”

  1. California is in reality, two possibly three different states.
    Divided by both culture and economics.

    You really could make a good case for breaking it up to get away from the lunatic mono-culture it has to struggle with.

  2. “…a small, insulated, post-industrial urban elite that prefers to import its energy, food, and labor from outside the state.”

    Pretty good takedown.

  3. So the Eloi of SFO and parts of Los Angeles think they can exist without the Morlocks? This will be interesting indeed.

    1. It’d be wildly entertaining if the other states jacked up the price they charge California for water, gas, and so on.

  4. B.A.N.A.N.A. “Build Anywhere Not Anywhere Near Anyone“. There seems to be a foolish belief that food, energy and the products of messy industry will appear from “somewhere far, far away” by magic. The harsh reality is that foreigners will want cold, hard cash…

  5. As it gets more and more difficult to operate an aerospace company in Mojave (Kern County), let me point out that Tucson has the same altitude, better weather, craft beer, and college students. And lots and lots of unpopulated land and empty airspace where the Air Force and Marines already make things go BOOM on a regular basis.

  6. I think we’re already seeing the end of this sort of progressiveness. They’re attacking their infrastructure now. In a decade or two, the differences between California and most of the rest of the US will be hard to conceal. In particular, it’ll be interesting to see what happens to Texas.

    My take is that Texas will be larger in population than California inside of 25 years. Presently, Texas is getting more than twice as many people (~50k per year) as California’s population is presently growing (~20k per year).

    So what will happen when California is no longer the big fish in the pond? These progressives will be tied to that failure no matter how much they deflect blame.

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