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  1. Sorry kinda of hijacking but not on twitter.

    Not-So-OK Boomer
    They love the military; they just think its leadership sucks.
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    The Republican Party now openly hates the military and the police. And they call themselves patriots?
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    Narrator: They hate the US military , enlisted and officer core.

    What ever happened to giving the troops “the confidence to fight” when we got senators denigrating a solders personal history. Congressman attacking the leadership wanting to be well learned on a variety of topics.

    Now to toss a bone to the topic:
    Republican party do love members of the US military who torture and kill unarmed brown people for sport. Got to wonder why that is.

    1. Do you ever have anything intelligent to write or do you plan on just coming here with your silly propaganda?

      “kill unarmed brown people”?

      What is it with you political hacks always judging people by the color of their skin? Will you always spend your life segregating people into population groups by the color of their skin? Not everything is racists, but the Democratic Party and its supporters are and you can tell by the way they view others as others.

    2. Kinda poetic. My turn:
      Failed angry gamma types incoherent stuff.
      Secret king, legend in his own mind.

  2. Interesting article. You know, the FAA HQ cafeteria became “mindful”* over the past few years, but the food was always excellent – and I mean really top-notch. The French visitors from ESA would always eagerly want to eat there. And I’ve had lunch at ESA more than once; it was Michelin 3 star fare in a plastic box, along with a small glass of a very nice Bordeaux.

    The FAA fare includes things like fried chicken, collard greens (prepared excellently), okra (also excellent), and other dishes one would consider ethnic Black. It’s one of the things I miss most about working there. In retrospect, I think that the food selection might have been planned on the basis of the racial makeup of FAA. I had more black friends and colleagues there than in any of my previous jobs, though not quite as many as in my current non-work life. I really don’t know. But I really, really loved everything they served – except for “Taco Tuesday” food. Having lived in southern California for 28 years, I had really high standards for Mexican.

    * Mindful, as the owner of the FAA cafeteria explained to me, was basically “healthy” food. The list he described actually was pretty good in terms of healthy food, but the one big point of emphasis was low sodium. How they did that without making their food bland is a mystery, but I didn’t care to pursue it. The food was still great.

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