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  1. As a high risk person, I’m surprised you have waited this long.

    “The CDC has also made a point of debunking the circulating falsehood that COVID-19 vaccines can change your DNA.”

    Media folk are always trying to find the reason why people aren’t getting the vaccines. It is often claimed that it is just the deplorables not getting vaccinated but I’ve talked to a fair number of non-deplorables that don’t want the shots. I suspect that it has nothing to do with what journolisimers are reading on Twitter and is likely due to two reasons. First, people are uncomfortable with an untested vaccine. Second, people don’t like being forced to do things, and this sentiment cuts across ideological lines despite our friends to the left being totalitarians.

    1. I don’t feel all that high risk. My only problems are my age and blood pressure. My vitamin D levels are good, I’m not obese, I’m in good health. For all I know, I’ve already had it and I’m carrying antibodies. I would like to test that, though.

      1. Yeah, I was thinking of your age. Regardless of the other issues, age looks to be the biggest warning sign. At the beginning, I thought they would test us all for antibodies at our yearly checkups but now, I don’t think they want to learn more about the virus.

    2. It’s hardly obvious that Rand could have gotten vaccinated much before now even if he’d wanted to. I think the CA Democratic administration was deliberately keeping vaccine from people – except in Deep Blue areas. I started trying to find vaccine months ago and none of the alleged vaccine administration centers within 10 – 15 miles of my residence, including chain pharmacies, had any vaccine available. Then, a week after the recall petition against Gov. Hairgel got certified, there was suddenly vaccine available everywhere. You do the math.

      Me and mine have now had two doses apiece of the Moderna with only minor and transient side effects. When shot 2 has had a chance to reach maximum efficacy, I’m planning to get Covid-19 tests for my household so we have proof we can neither catch nor spread Covid-19 and can burn our friggin’ masks.

      1. We had a lot of line cutters, political and provider favoritism at first, but by the beginning of May, it was open to all. Washington is about 80% vaccinated now, even the red areas.

  2. And you heard this here from me back in April about 1) Novavax being the outside favorite and 2) by this time the US would be awash in vaccine with the Karens and the Bidens nagging people to get it.

    I was telling people that Novavax was an “engineered” vaccine presenting a fragment of the offending virus, just like the newer shingles vaccine (the older one is live-virus), just like the Tdap (Tetanus and Whooping Cough).

    But do you think that our gracious host could like to my April post saying this. No, the link is to Atlantic. Yuck!

    1. I’d buy you a beer but we live no where near, so you have to buy one for yourself I’m afraid.

  3. The Atlantic was the magazine that came up with the “Trump called US vets “Suckers” hoax. Why would anyone trust anything they say now?

    1. https://hotair.com/headlines/2021/06/26/what-the-u-s-loses-when-americans-save-too-much-n399120

      This was linked on Hot Air. It is an article explaining the necessity of Mr. Biden’s economic stimulus, even though Larry Summers, Treasury Secretary for President Clinton and Chair of Economic Advisors for President Obama is warning that the proposed expenditures, well in excess of the “demand gap” in the US economy, will only stimulate strong inflation.

      After following the link, the article is in, wouldn’t you know it, The Atlantic.

      The Atlantic! What is the deal with those squishes at Hot Air?

  4. Hold on to your vaccine cheerleading for a bit gents. Side effects for the mRNA vaccines may be rare but they are much higher than predicted and very serious, especially to young folks. See this extract of VAERS data on Denninger’s site:


    And a new study finds two vaccine deaths per three Covid death preventions.


    I’m 60. I had COVID in late March, ill for four days with nothing worse than a flu. I’m sticking with my naturally earned immunity, thank you. If it were to come down to it, the Novavax or other traditional ones would be the only ones I’d even consider.

    1. That confidence interval does not make me confident of their conclusion. That said, I chose the Janssen/J&J vaccine. Both because it is older technology and because a greater risk of a mild case vs lesser risk of a severe case seemed a prudent trade-off.

      1. I got the J&J and made sure the vial said it was made at the Janssen lab in the Netherlands. At WalMart, of all places. A replication incompetent adenovirus vector is about as safe a vaccines get. Probably #2 is SputnikV, same idea but less incompetent, so some people get actual colds from it. Key paragraph from the article:

        “The Atlantic’s COVID-19 coverage is supported by grants from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.” And the current head of the Johnson Foundation used to work for CDC.

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