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  1. In contemporary psychology jargon, Extraversion + Agreeableness = school board member. I expect the same was true in Das Reich.

        1. Yeah, the nightmare of when you have to go back to work the next day after the cocktail party. When you take the all-nighter train back to the camps….

        2. Since he has been back, he has put out a lot of good podcasts. They are so long that it is hard to keep up with all of them since time is so limited and there are so much great content out there. A few weeks ago, I linked Zuby interviewing James Lindsay and I’m gonna link it again because it was such a great discussion on the current state and history of Progressive Fascism.


        3. A lot of parallels there in how the Democrats are structuring their street forces and the things they support done to people as long as they don’t have to be the ones doing it. Some of them are well intentioned with their siding with criminals and gangs but the Antifa types know some people are more willing to engage in violence than others.

        4. Old joke:

          In Heaven they have German engineers, French chefs, and English police. In Hell they have French engineers, English chefs, and German police.

          And in addition to Hitler’s piercing blue eyes, the Nazis had der Dicke (Fatso) who would have the current American electorate eating out of his hands.

  2. “Politically, they are largely centrists.”

    Are they though?

    The author hits the main themes; agreeableness, in/out group identity politics, the battle between those that want left alone and those who want to control every aspect of people’s lives, and even continuous revolution.

    What happens if you give the Progressive Fascists everything they want? What happens after there is equity through racial punishment and favoritism? What is the end state? The end state is more revolution. It is like the continuous development concept only for finding new ways to persecute different groups people and it has to be this way because it is like a pyramid scheme.

      1. Persecute others, lest ye be persecuted.
        Or in other words: Do unto others before they do unto you.

    1. I came across this earlier in the week. Substitute any Progressive Leftist cause for “[x]”–

      First we overlook [x].
      Then we tolerate [x].
      Then we legalize [x].
      Then we promote [x].
      Then we celebrate [x].
      Then we require [x].
      Then we persecute those who still object to [x].

    2. Are they “centrists” or apolitical opportunists? Besides, one person’s centrist is another person’s radical/reactionary…

  3. Regulatory capture has long been a problem with bureaucracy. In school boards, it’s standard operating procedure. It starts with holding school board elections at odd dates when turnout is guaranteed to be lower than general elections. This makes it easier for the administrators and teachers of the education establishment to elect candidates they prefer. Combine that with bribes campaign contributions to their selected candidates and you end up with the education establishment sitting across the negotiating table with school boards they’ve effectively bought.

    1. Funny how that keeps happening…
      Bond issues and “fringe” programs in the local city always seem to come up in late Spring votes. For example: a “voluntary” recycling program paid for with a MANDATORY new fee on the City Utility Bill.

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