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  1. Just like attacks on Asians by Democrats are scapegoated onto Republicans, crime in Democrat cities carried out by Democrats is scapegoated onto peaceful gunowners. Punishing innocents might make Democrats feel better but it won’t solve any problems.

    The main takeaway from Biden isn’t his knowledge about history or current events, it is that the Democrats think the military will side with them in attacking Americans and in using weapons and tactics against their fellow citizens that we don’t even use against the genocidal enemies we are currently fighting overseas.

    I’ve seen videos of Democrat protests were people shout they will rape your wife and your children while you watch, and then they will kill you. Others chant kill them, burry them, dig them up, kill them again.

    Democrats have primed themselves to treat their fellow Americans to the worst treatment that humans have ever done to other humans. How they are treating the capitol protesters is just a taste of what they will do with no restrictions on their power.

    Maybe if our ivy educated generals educated themselves on the ideology they are embracing, they would stand up against it? Or maybe not since being a general appeals to people with a strain of authoritarianism.

  2. Joe Biden has always been a profoundly stupid man. He is beyond ignorant. Ignorance is the natural state of everyone and, as Will Rogers said almost a century ago, “Everyone is ignorant, only in different subjects.” Ignorance can be cured by seeking knowledge. Biden has been spouting his nonsense for a long time and refuses to learn when his errors are pointed out to him. That means he is willfully ignorant, or to be blunt, stupid. His obvious mental decline is not helping. The only people dumber than Joe Biden are those who think he is competent to be president.

    1. I remember Joe Biden speaking on C-SPAN from the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee in the 90’s. His labored attempts as “folksy wisdom” came across as asinine or irrelevant homilies (“Little birds in their nest must agree” level stupidity).

  3. I think there is plenty of stupid to go around.

    Mr. Biden is not wise to go Darth Vader on the American people in explaining how the Empire is able to strike back. In reacting to this, however, commentators on the right have a romanticized image of citizen insurgencies, be they the Maquis, Tito’s Partisans, the Viet Cong or the Taliban. These groups are able to fight back with improvised weapons or small arms, but they take rather high casualties in doing this.

    Mr. Biden is in a way reminding us that throughout US history, everybody from Shay’s Whiskey Rebellion to Sitting Bull to David Koresh followers didn’t last long against the might and will of the US Federal Government. Whatever you might think about the injustices dealt to the Indians, there are those who asked the question, “What was Sitting Bull even thinking, in grand-strategic big-picture terms, when resisting General Sherman’s forces? Even if he was able to annihilate Custer and his men — didn’t Sitting Bull see what Sherman was willing to do to Atlanta just a few years earlier? Didn’t he see what Lincoln and Grant were willing to accept in casualties to impose the will of the US Federal Government?”

    1. You are assuming that American military personnel will go after their fellow citizens with the same zeal they did against Sitting Bull’s people.

      1. I don’t assume anything, I am just considering historical examples.

        Maybe not the military, but the FBI (Ruby Ridge) or the ATF (Waco)?

        1. Consider that the various native American tribes put up quite a fight. We won by doing things like occupying/destroying their source of food. Had they had greater numbers and better supply logistics, what would have happened?

          1. There is more native American people, now then there ever was. They won.
            And there was no better way of winning.
            But US governmental Indian reservation were not what made them successful. US govt [or any govt} has never been there to help you.

      2. The Federal military went after fellow citizens of a kindred race with even more zeal than Sitting Bull’s people — in the Civil War.

      3. In ten years, who knows what the military will do? Turning the greatest military in human history Progressive Fascist will lead to unpredictable results. It could collapse under corruption and sloth or a strong man might rise through the ranks leading to the concentration camps and the end of the USA.

        No matter what, it wont be good for our country. It is just a question of what kind of tragedies we will experience.

        1. I’m part of a multi-generation military family. My father and almost all of my uncles served in the military. So did almost all of my male cousins. My brother and I both served, and so did both of my stepsons. However, given the CRT racist nonsense that’s being pushed from the highest levels of the military, I will actively try to discourage my four grandchildren from joining the military should they choose. The lack of focus on military readiness and the racial division of CRT will destroy unit cohesiveness and end up getting a lot of people killed the next time the shooting starts (and there will always be a next time). I will not sacrifice my grandchildren on the alter of political correctness. My family has served enough. Let some other families pick up the load for a change.

          1. I have seen this sentiment expressed a lot and I think your reaction is the intended outcome of their policies.

          2. Stay with the National Guard if you can. Although they can be federalized, I would say >90% of the time they remain under the control of a state governor with a commanding general and command infrastructure that reports to said governor. If we can keep these forces non-doctrinaire, we stand a chance against federal tyranny.

    2. … didn’t last long against the might and will of the US Federal Government …

      And then there was the Mormon resistance in Utah in the 1850’s. Yes, it was a long way off. Yes, the US had other pressing concerns. Yes, eventually (after the Civil War) the US got its way, more or less. There are always “yes, buts”. They still count.

    3. Sherman didn’t have to protect the northern power grid, pipeline network and transportation systems from partisans.

      The rifles aren’t to win the second civil war, they are to protect the guys with the pipe wrenches, heavy equipment and cutting torches, General Lord of the Flies will do the rest and win it.

      1. 2020 showed that everyone is vulnerable to supply disruptions. Cutting off resources to blue cities means also cutting off resources to red cities. NYC could send a million rabble out and the suburbs and rural people would be hard pressed to deal with it.

        Not many people are trained to move, shoot, and communicate and supplied well enough to deal with what would happen.

        Civil war would suck for everyone.

        1. “Cutting off resources to blue cities means also cutting off resources to red cities.”

          Not necessarily, the blue extremists are concentrated in very small areas. A lot of them don’t even own cars, couldn’t drive a bus and would be a fish out of water past their city limits. They certainly won’t get far past the surrounding suburbs.

          You can be very selective due to the geographic stratification.

          1. It is a mistake to assume that our distributions systems would chug along like normal. Ports and airports would be shut down, roads would be destroyed, manufacturing would halt, and there would be partisan violence across the country because every area is blue and red.

            It would suck for everyone and no one could predict how it would end. How many countries would help the blue states? The UK, Syria, and China could be allies in helping the blue states. Who would help the red states? No one because they all fear a strong independent USA that adheres to our constitution and way of life.

          2. The UK, Syria, and China could be allies in helping the blue states. Who would help the red states? No one because they all fear a strong independent USA that adheres to our constitution and way of life.

            I’m not sure how much of an ally Syria would be. Also don’t forget much of the national nuclear infrastructure resides in red states. One hardened ICBM site under your control is a hell of a deterrent. Asymmetric warfare is a real thing.

          3. One other point. If civil war broke out to the point where nuclear command and control are seen by our strategic adversaries and becoming compromised to the point of unpredictable threat, a first strike might be considered the only option to preserve their security. It won’t matter who self-identifies as red or blue. Purple, orange and yellow are also colors that are present in the rising fireball….

      2. The US Military today doesn’t have to protect the NE infrastructure, either.

        In fact. considering the disdain the NE has for the military, they shouldn’t.

  4. Good old failure-theater NRO.

    They voted for this. They wanted it. Now they pretend to be shocked about it.

    1. Fewer than half of them voted for it. Chicanery made up the difference.

      And ~250 years is about typical for a democratic republic. If the Joetato supporters insist on tyranny, then perhaps it’s time to end the experiment.

      1. I think “Waterhouse” is telling us that good ol’ Never-Trump true-to-their-principles NRO reporters and editors “voted for this.”

        Whether on balance the American electorate voted for this is being examined in Arizona, perhaps in Pennsylvania and maybe in Michigan, with the Republican Establishment in Georgia having been more aligned with NRO? But that Establishment in Georgia did change their election laws and now, in the words of the skeptical colonel in the movie, has to answer for this to Coca Cola?

      2. Fewer than half of them voted for it. Chicanery made up the difference.

        Chicanery or Chenneycanery?

        I’m on a roll today…

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